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Alan Carr says he got outed to his mother by a Ouija board



Alan Carr has told a chaotic anecdote about how he got outed to his mother by a Ouija board.

The comedian, whose TV show Changing Ends is about growing up as the gay son of a fourth division football manager in the 1980s, told the story during an appearance on Kathy Burke’s Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wake podcast.

“I got outed by a Ouija board,” he said. “It went to spell homosexual in front of my mum and I went goodbye and I pulled the glass.

“So it was going ‘H, O, M, O’ and my mum went ‘homo?’… Yeah. F***ing ghost tried to out me.”

All a shocked Burke could respond with was: “Wow.”


Elsewhere on the episode, Carr talked about why he thinks he will end up dying in a “pub quiz style death” and how he wants his wake to be like a Nineties rave with Gok Wan as the DJ.

He also told Burke about the time he blacked out at a Prince concert and was dropped home in a white van, with no idea who the driver was.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wake is available on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Carr’s episode is out on Tuesday 6 June.

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Changing Ends received a five-star review from our critic Sean O’Grady, who wrote that the show is “that most joyous of things: a smart, inventive, honest and charming coming-of-age story”.

He added: “It’s also, in the case of Carr, the making of a national treasure.”

Newcomer Oliver Savell plays a young Carr, while the comic himself pops in with witty cameos and scene-stealing one-liners.


The show is out now on ITVX.

Source: Independent

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