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Alec Baldwin skipped security training on “Rust”: He faces 1.5 years in prison!



It’s getting serious for Alec Baldwin (64)!

The prosecutor’s office in Santa Fe (US state of New Mexico) has just filed the official indictment against the actor. Baldwin has to answer for negligent homicide – after the fatal shot of the camerawoman Halyna Hutchins († 42) on the set of the cheap western “Rust” in October 2021.

At that time, a live ammunition shot was fired from a prop revolver during a scene rehearsal inside a wooden chapel: the projectile pierced Hutchins’ body and injured director Joel Souza (49).

With BILDplus you can find out what is now in the court documents, who is heavily incriminating Baldwin and why the prosecutor considers Baldwin’s behavior to be “reckless”.

Source: Asia Times


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