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Alexander Zverev: Bizarre noise about diabetic Olympic champions



Just crazy!

The second set in the round of 16 French Open between Alexander Zverev (26) and Grigor Dimitrow (32 / Bulgaria) is over. The Olympic champion leads 6:1, 6:4. Then he leaves the field – a break in the sentence, many people think.

But think! The hamburger goes into the catacombs to shoot an insulin shot in his stomach. Because he has been since childhood Diabetic. Last year he made his illness public and even founded a foundation.

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But all of this didn’t go down well with everyone who deals with the pros on the tour. When Zverev comes back onto the pitch from the dressing room, there is a discussion with the referee. Zverev: “On the tour I inject myself on the bench, but I’m not allowed to do that here.”

So off to the cabin. But: “The last match they said it was a toilet break. So I said that I might have to go out four or five times. But this referee knew that it was nonsense to count that as a toilet break, because only two of them are allowed. And this is about my life if I don’t inject myself. But last time there was a supervisor who didn’t even know I was diabetic.”

And now it’s getting crazy. World number 27: “He panicked when I gave the injection and wanted me to call a doctor. So I asked what a doctor is supposed to do here? No one but me knows how much I have to inject.”

This clutter can be annoying. Therefore, Zverev wants clear rules. The 2020 US Open finalist: “I told them: Make up your mind what you want me to do and I’ll do it exactly like that. But don’t send me back and forth. It just needs a clear structure.”

The fact that he is diabetic could not prevent Alexander Zverev from becoming a competitive athlete

The fact that he is diabetic could not prevent Alexander Zverev from becoming a competitive athlete

Photo: Icon Sport via Getty Images

He was even accused of fraud. “They say it looks like I’m injecting myself and doping or something. Then I say to them: Guys, I’ve been doing this my whole life because I’ve been diabetic since I was three.”


Maybe it will finally be put through, not that the chaos continues on Wednesday in the quarterfinals against Argentine Tomas Martin Etcheverry (23). Because against Dimitrov, Zverev won the game 6: 1, 6: 4, 6: 3. Now even the final is possible!

Source: Asia Times

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