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Anna Duggar Has ‘Shifted Away’ From IBLP Beliefs, Insider Shares



Duggar family followers are closely watching Anna Duggar, especially after the release of Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. The documentary shines a light on the Institute of Basic Life Principles, better known as IBLP — a ministry that the Duggars notoriously follow. According to an insider, Josh Duggar’s wife stepped away from IBLP.

Anna Duggar’s beliefs have reportedly ‘shifted away’ from IBLP

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their 19 kids to believe in the IBLP teachings created by Bill Gothard. The objective of IBLP is to guide individuals, families, and communities on how to live successfully according to scripture.

Unfortunately, the teachings support ideas that suggest women should be meek and beneath men. Gothard believed women should keep their hair long and feminine and remain completely covered by their clothing to not tempt men. The teachings also support ideas of abstinence before marriage and homeschooling.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar likely planned on raising their kids on IBLP beliefs, as that’s how Josh was raised. But an insider told In Touch Weekly that while Anna’s faith remains strong with Josh in prison for downloading child sexual abuse material, she’s “shifted away” from some core IBLP values.

“Anna’s faith has been tested enough, but apparently she’s still a strong believer,” the source shared. “She has shifted away from the core beliefs of IBLP, but her faith is all she has.”

The same source shared that Anna won’t watch the Duggar family docuseries. “Some say Anna needs to watch it, to get another wake-up call, but she’s not ready. She’s still trying to cope with what Josh did,” they noted.


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar remain with IBLP

Several Duggar family members aside from Anna Duggar have seemingly put IBLP on the back burner. Jill Duggar made it clear in Shiny Happy People that she and Derick Dillard no longer follow the teachings of IBLP. Jinger Duggar also spoke out against Bill Gothard in her memoir. Jessa Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar also seem to have stepped away while retaining their faith.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still associated with IBLP. And Jim Bob appears to have taken a leadership role in the ministry.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is available to stream on Prime Video.

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