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Apolda: DNA analysis confirms – child (8) dies in a fire in the asylum home



Apolda (Thuringia) – One person died in the fire disaster in a home for asylum seekers last week. Now it is clear: It is about the boy who has been missing since the fire.

According to the police, it is a Ukrainian family who lost their son in this tragic way. An autopsy was ordered to confirm the identity.

On Friday, the sad certainty: “As part of the forensic examination of the body found in the fire object, the identity of the deceased was finally confirmed using DNA analysis,” said a police spokesman.

All residents had to be evacuated

Photo: Johannes Krey

The fire broke out around 5:15 a.m. on June 4. About 300 people lived in the shelter. At the time of the fire, 250 people were on site. Since parts of the building have been uninhabitable since then, some refugees have been accommodated in emergency shelters.


The criminal police have started the investigation, but a criminal offense can currently be ruled out. The cause of the fire points to a technical defect, according to the investigators.

Official bodies have recently given different ages to the missing boy. As the police have now confirmed, the boy who died in the fire was eight years old. (lm)

Source: Asia Times

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