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Archenemy sprayed with pepper spray: 600 euros fine for gas grandma (82)



Chemnitz (Saxony) – In the courtroom, Waltraud F. (82) first sits in the audience and only finds his way to the dock after the judge has called him.

There she had to sit down on Wednesday morning because of dangerous physical injury!

In a playground, she is said to have attacked pensioner Harald E. (72) with pepper spray and injured her. “She ran after me and sprayed me full in the face,” claims the alleged victim.

Both pensioners have obviously known each other for years and have lived for a long time in a residential area in the Altendorf district. “We used to sit here together on a bench,” says the accused.

At this playground not far from Achatstraße in the Altendorf district of Chemnitz, a dispute broke out between the pensioners



Then she reports on “frequent” problems with the pensioner. And that he kept harassing people. “Several young people were on the playground that day, so I took out my pepper spray and sprayed it in the air as a warning so that he would get away,” said the 82-year-old. She also stood in the spray herself. “I didn’t know how that thing worked.”

The alleged victim: Pensioner Harald E. (72) came to court in a tracksuit and had previously hit the accused in the face

The alleged victim: Pensioner Harald E. (72) came to court in a tracksuit and had previously hit the accused in the face


She had the defense spray with her to protect against him. “My daughter gave it to me. He punched me in the face before and was sentenced for it.” Harald E. says: “My hand slipped at the time because she was badmouthing me everywhere behind my back and because of my appearance she claimed I was a foreigner.” Allegedly he had never hit a woman before.

The pensioner on the pepper spray attack: “I asked the young people to turn down the music and go somewhere else because they weren’t allowed to be there in the group. Then she suddenly attacked me and sprayed the whole can empty on me.”

In view of only minor injuries (red eyes until the next day), judge Martina Flade (30) dropped the case with the consent of the defense and prosecutors. However, only with one condition for the 82-year-old: she should now pay 300 euros in damages plus 300 euros to the state treasury.

Source: Asia Times


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