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Art philistines threw his work of art into the air: provin fare about the fountain in Borna



Borna/Leipzig – When Tobias Rost (63) drove to Borna, his blood pressure rose every minute, he says. The Leipzig sculptor is angry about how people and the city treat the market fountain he designed. And which has now been destroyed by vandals.

The fountain cost 80,000 euros with a ball that fills with water and then tips over. However, it also cost the artist some nerves. Rost: “Even when I was doing the work, I was approached: ‘What’s that supposed to be?!’ People can’t do anything with abstract art. If I had put a deer here, they would have understood.”

The water ball was destroyed by the explosion

Photo: Facebook Oliver Urban

On the evening of November 10, firecracker idiots then destroyed the fountain. Damage: around 10,000 euros. Sculptor Rost: “I only found out through BILD that the well had been blown up. No one has contacted me from the city.”

Rost also didn’t know that there should be a vote on whether the well should go away. Mayor Oliver Urban (55) to BILD: “The fountain is popular with children, but not so much with adults.”


On December 15, the Borna City Council will decide how to proceed with the Böller fountain. Rost has already offered to replace him – but certainly not with a stag.

The fountain has been on the market since 2004

The fountain has been on the market since 2004

Photo: Rico Thumser (reproduction)

Source: Asia Times

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