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At Packers-themed bar in Greenwich Village, patrons accepting of Aaron Rodgers’ trade to Jets



NEW YORK — Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to the Big Apple.

He had previously visited a Green Bay Packers-themed bar in Greenwich Village, where now they’ll be saying “Go Jets,” too.

CBS2 spoke with the owner and talked to some fans who are hoping for a bright future.

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The Rangers weren’t the only team on the minds of fans as they shuffled into Madison Square Garden on Monday evening.

“It’s about time they pulled the trigger on Rodgers,” Jets fan Mark Hudak said of the trade for the four-time NFL MVP quarterback.


“I don’t want another washed-up quarterback. We’ve seen this already before with Green Bay, with Favre,” fan Brad Jeffrey said.

“I like it. I mean, it’s better than Zach Wilson, that’s for sure,” James Fahey added.

And it should come as no surprise that most Jets fans that spoke to CBS2 are happy to land a superstar quarterback.

But even some Packers fans are finding a silver lining.

“I was happy because, first of all, we get to see him here,” Patrick Daley said.

Daley is the owner of Kettle of Fish, a Packers bar in the Village that even has a signed cooler that was used by the Packers in the 2011 Super Bowl.

Daley pointed out Rodgers’ signature.


And if you peruse the walls, you’ll find a few photos of a special guest who once visited the bar.

“So he’s pointing like look who signed this,” Daley said.

Daley said one of his customers who knows Rodgers convinced him to stop in on what happened to be the day of the NFL Draft a few years ago.

“We were asking him what he wanted, what positions he wanted drafted. And he has a good enough sense of humor that one of our customers said, ‘How about a quarterback?’ And he took it very well,” Daley said.

“He looks like he found it a little less funny than you guys did,” CBS2’s Tim McNicholas observed.

“Well, a little less, but he was still very gracious about it. His reply was, ‘No, no, no, I don’t want to leave,” Daley said.

The folks at Kettle of Fish even took a big group photo with Rodgers before he left that day. They’re hoping now that he’ll be spending more time in New York, he might make a return visit.


“Go Pack and go Jets,” Daley said.

And who knows? Maybe he’ll bring them a cooler from next year’s Super Bowl.

Source: CBS

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