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Awareness activities organized to mark June 5 in Türkiye’s Mersin



To mark June 5, World Environment Day, the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has planned various activities to emphasize on the importance of the environment, climate and ecosystem.

Special activities have been designed for children and youth, including panels, excursions, sea and beach-cleaning, as well as painting exhibitions made from waste materials. These activities aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of pollution on the environment.

Bülent Halisdemir, the Environmental Protection and Control Department head, stated, “We consider it an awareness day rather than a celebration of World Environment Day. We are striving to increase environmental awareness among our citizens.”

He further mentioned that on June 6, a street cleaning march would take place in Mezitli, accompanied by a band. The following day, on June 7, professionals will conduct a diving activity at Mersin Marina to clean the seabed. The collected waste will be displayed to raise awareness.

Halisdemir also shared details about the beach cleaning event on June 8, which will involve collaboration among various institutions, organizations, NGOs, and citizens. The Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization will also contribute to the initiative. A beach-cleaning campaign will simultaneously take place in Aydıncık, Erdemli, Tarsus, and Silifke, led by the zonal head in Anamur.

A Recycling Facility Technical Trip is planned for June 9 to engage children. Students, in particular, will visit recycling companies to observe the process of recycling waste materials.


On Saturday, June 10, Middle East Technical University (METU) Marine Sciences, Mersin University, and other units will set up a stand at Galatasaray Square under the leadership of the Women and Family Services Department. The event will feature concerts and performances by the Mersin Sailing Club at sea. The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality’s ships and ferries will also be part of the program, showcasing various shows. Additionally, a kite festival and unique gifts for children will be organized.

All citizens are invited to participate in the events to promote environmental awareness and conservation.

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Source: Daily Sabah

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