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Bavaria: agreement in the collective bargaining dispute. Strike averted before Pentecost



Munich – This was just in time for the holidays!

After several warning strikes in Bavarian local transport, the union and employers have agreed on a new collective agreement. As the Bavarian municipal employers’ association announced on Friday, the payment of a tax-free inflation adjustment of 3,000 euros was agreed on Thursday evening.

The sum is to be distributed in June initially with a one-time payment of 1240 euros, until February 2024 there will be 220 euros per month. From March 2024, wages will then be increased by at least 340 euros. A later increase in shift allowances and a better classification of the drivers had also been agreed.

Employer negotiator Magdalena Weigel said that the deal had succeeded in averting further strikes at the expense of passengers. The attractiveness of the profession will be strengthened by the new collective agreement. Employers hope that this will make it easier for them to recruit the specialists they are looking for.

The Verdi union emphasized that there was also a commitment to negotiate to improve working conditions. “In some places, this result goes well beyond the level of public service and thus compensates to some extent for the long term until the end of 2024, which unfortunately could not be negotiated away,” emphasized Verdi negotiator Sinan Öztürk.


In Bavaria, local transport is not part of the public service in collective bargaining, for which an agreement had already been reached.

Source: Asia Times

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