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Because of the report on left-wing extremist violence: historians go on “Tagesschau”.



Riot days in Leipzig!

Left-wing extremists rioted late on Friday evening and Saturday, setting barricades on fire and attacking police officers. The “Tagesschau” (ARD) reported on Saturday evening. There is criticism for the choice of words used.

The wording of the news program says: “After the ban on a demonstration by the left-wing scene in Leipzig, there were protests. In the afternoon, hundreds of people demonstrated in the city for freedom of assembly. After riots, the area was cleared by the police.”

What the “Tagesschau” does not make clear at this point: According to the police, the The demonstration, forbidden by the court, was peaceful, then hooded people threw stones, bottles and an incendiary device at police officers. The violence came from violent left-wing extremists.

The “Tagesschau” continued: The “left scene” had called for solidarity rallies and tried to prevent the ban on demonstrations in court. “The reason for the demonstrations was the verdict against the alleged left-wing extremist Lina E.”.

Solidarity of the “left scene” with the “alleged” left-wing extremist Lina E.?


The 28-year-old left-wing extremist was sentenced a few days ago to five years and three months in prison for forming a criminal organization. According to the indictment, you and members of the so-called “hammer gang” committed several attacks on supporters of the right-wing scene between 2018 and 2020. Several people were injured.

In the video that followed, the “Tagesschau” said: “In the evening, several water cannons approach, a street is cleared, police officers encircle demonstrators. Criticism of the actions of the police was voiced on social networks. Before that, there had been clashes between the police and demonstrators in the south of Leipzig.”

The online text of the “Tagesschau” also reads that there were “clashes” between the police and demonstrators.

Left-wing extremists rioted in Leipzig

Photo: Sebastian Willnow/dpa

► Historian Hubertus Knabe (64, University of Würzburg) goes to the barricades against the “Tagesschau” post.

He says to BILD: “The word ‘confrontation’ leads the reader to believe that the police and demonstrators attacked each other. The violence emanated from the demonstrators.” There had clearly been brutal attacks on the police. “That is not presented clearly enough in the reporting of the ‘Tagesschau’. In this way, the violence of the left-wing extremists is played down,” says historian Knabe.


How does ARD react to the criticism? When asked by BILD, the broadcaster replied: “We consider the reporting to be appropriate.”

According to the police, about two dozen police officers were injured during the operations in Leipzig, two of them were then no longer able to work. Another demonstration has been announced for Sunday evening.


Source: Asia Times

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