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Being kind will not diminish your authority, says business school leader



Reetika Gupta, deputy dean of Essec’s APAC Business School, shares her leadership experience in an international university with CNBC’s “My Biggest Lessons.”

As a leader, being too kind to your team can sometimes be seen as losing your authority or power over them.

Reetika Gupta, deputy dean of Essec’s APAC Business School, strongly believes that’s not the case.

“It is bringing you closer to people,” Gupta told CNBC’s Make It.

When an employee had to leave the company due to a personal setback, Gupta reflected on the importance of compassion for the struggles that individuals may be facing, and “the significance of flexibility in the workplace where employees can be supported during a difficult situation.” 

“It helped me realize that acquiring talent is infinitely more expensive than retaining talent,” she added.


This is just one of five of Reetika Gupta’s biggest lessons. Watch the video above for more.   

Source: CNBC

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