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‘Below Deck Down Under’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals Shocking Crew Firing, Smashing the 4th Wall



The Below Deck franchise may have topped itself in the drama department when the Below Deck Down Under Season 2 trailer shows production breaking one of the biggest rules in reality television.

Although producers typically remain hands-off during filming, the trailer teases that production has to get involved during a crew member firing – even having to force open a door Captain Jason Chambers tries to keep closed.

What kind of a rollercoaster ride are Below Deck Down Under viewers in store for this season? Buckle up.

‘Below Deck Down Under’ Season 2 trailer teases dramatic crew firing

Chambers fired two crew members last season and while those dismissals were noteworthy, whoever gets fired on Below Deck Down Under Season 2 needs a crew escort.

At one point in the season, a crew member becomes problematic. Chief stew Aesha Scott is heard saying off camera, “I know everyone is wasted.” Then a door slams and production gets involved. A producer is heard asking if a door just slammed.

Scott tearfully says to Chambers, “There needs to be some sort of chat with the crew.” Meanwhile, a producer is seen unsuccessfully trying to open the closed door. Scott seems worried about an instance involving the crew, telling Chambers, “It was so f***ing wrong.”


Captain Jason reaches his limits on ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Season 2

Whatever Scott describes to Chambers, pushes him to make some big decisions. “That’s enough,” he says to Scott. Then he tells an unknown crew member, “I’m going to terminate your employment.”

Chambers is later seen trying to open a door to one of the crew cabins. “You need to get off the boat tonight,” he tells the crew member who is seemingly behind the closed door. When Chambers fired the previous two crew members, they packed up and left.

During this crew firing, it appears that Chambers has to escort the crew member off the boat and ensure they are in a taxi.

The fired ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Season 2 replacement is an ‘unexpected newcomer’

A Bravo spokesperson described the upcoming season as nothing short of explosive. The spokesperson told Travel + Leisure that Scott faces “the biggest obstacles of her career while looking out for the crew’s well-being,” unruly guests trying to break all the rules of the high seas, and some heated drama between Tzarina and Chambers.

There’s even an “unexpected newcomer” who comes to “rock the boat” throughout the season, including the one thing all Bravo fans want — a franchise crossover. Beyond the dramatic dismissal and new crew member who rocks the boat, Scott reveals there is a love pentagon aboard the superyacht.


“So Harry likes Margo, who likes Luke,” Scott explains. “And Laura likes Adam but also wants Luke. It’s a love pentagon.” In addition to Chambers and Scott, the new crew lineup includes chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, Bosun Luke Jones, deckhands Adam Lukasiewicz and Harry Van Vliet, and stews Laura Bileskaine and Margot Sisson.  

Below Deck Down Under premieres on Bravo on July 17 at 8 p.m. ET, and streams on Peacock the next day.    

Source: Cheat Sheet

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