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Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Reveals When She Knew Malia White Would Be a Great Captain



Even though she’s displayed confidence on deck, Captain Sandy Yawn pointed to how Malia White handled a love triangle encounter on Below Deck Mediterranean as being the moment she knew White would be a great captain someday.

White first appeared on Below Deck Med Season 2 as a relatively green deckhand. Unbeknownst to producers, she started a romance with chef Adam Glick prior to beginning the season. However, she developed an attraction and feelings for her boss, bosun Wesley Walton shortly into season 2.

At one point, she got busted for both men on the same night. Yawn said that she knew White would be a strong captain someday from the way she handled the situation.

Captain Sandy said Malia White’s ‘Below Deck Med’ love triangle was a big leadership moment

“This is when I saw that Malia could be a captain because being a captain is all about decision-making and diffusing problem-solving 24/7,” Yawn said on her Captain Sandy and Leah Rae Show podcast.

“That particular day or the night before, or maybe it was a day before, Malia had been kissed by both boys, Adam and Wes,” she recalled from Below Deck Med Season 2. “And as I witnessed, actually, I think I was watching the TV show because I don’t see everything that happens.”


“I saw Malia walk through the dining area and Wes and Adam were huddled talking about Malia,” Yawn said. “And she walks up to them. And she goes ‘Wes, Adam, you both kissed me tonight. Goodnight. And proceeded downstairs and, like, diffused the whole thing.”

How Malia handled the moment was captain material

Being quick and calm in what could have been a chaotic moment was what made Yawn think White was captain material. “I thought she’d be a great captain!” Yawn recalled. “Because it’s all about diffusing.”

Rae joked, “And not kissing boys?”

“I don’t know about the boys, but that was pretty awesome,” Yawn said.

White, who was Yawn and Rae’s guest reflected on the skills she’s developed along the way. “I’ve obviously tried to hone those skills in different areas of work,” White said. “But yeah, going back to like Captain Sandy and my relationship, I think from my first season on Below Deck, I tell people this all the time, but I just don’t know how I would have felt if my first experience with the captain if they had been a male captain, how that would have changed.”

“Because I don’t know that I would have felt like, Oh, yeah, I can do this because I see someone just like me doing it,” White added. “So I see Captain Sandy there. And I see this woman dominating the bridge and being this amazing leader. I was like, if she can do it, that gives the hope for the rest of us. So it is really true representation that is everything right?”


White also shared that she’s been working toward the same license Yawn holds and has been studying and earning certificates for the last five years.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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