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Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Chase Lemacks on Gary King – ‘He Can Be a Real a**Hole’ and Was ‘Intimidated’



Below Deck Sailing Yacht deckhand Chase Lemacks has a theory as to why first officer Gary King came in so hot this season.

After King was sidelined with Covid-19 (coronavirus) during the first charter, Lemacks and deckhand Alex Propson worked without a leader. But once King returned, he seemed to be annoyed with Lemacks and Propson’s workflow, which Lemacks believes left King feeling a little intimidated.

Chase Lemacks said Gary King could be a ‘real a**hole’ on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’

For the most part, King took out his ire on Lemacks. But Lemacks said they worked through that tension and are “cordial” to one another today.

“Gary and I are cordial and I really have a lot of respect for Gary. I saw him in L.A., like a month ago, and played a great game of pool. We get along,” Lemacks said on Another Below Deck Podcast. “I understand Gary is on this Below Deck totem pole. He makes great TV and he’s a big part of the reason people watch the show I’m on. Not because of me, but because of Gary. That being said, he can be a real a**hole. I think everyone knows it.”

Was Gary intimidated by Chase and Alex?

Lemacks could tell that King was somewhat off of his game when he arrived late on Parsifal III. “I respect Gary, and I know that he knows a lot more than I do about the yachting industry. He works on Parsifal year-round. He’s got all this experience,” he said.


“But it was just a perfect storm of Alex and I came in and we kind of established a workflow before Gary showed up because he had Covid,” Lemacks recalled. “And I guess he shows up and then he’s intimidated by us. I don’t know why he would be. You know, I’m a pretty dorky, unassuming guy. But we could sense he was intimidated and that he just wanted to knock us down off of the ladder.”

Lemacks wasn’t sure why King came in the way he did. But added, “I know that I can be a little much to handle and that sometimes I run my mouth and I have so much energy trying to stay moving and trying to get all the work ethics stuff done,” he admitted. “That I can come off as a lot, but I just tried to help and he was mad from the get-go.”

Chase has a few ‘ideas’ why Gary wouldn’t work with Alex again

King said that Propson was the one person he wouldn’t work with again on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. As of now, King seems mainly to be butting heads with Lemacks. Lemacks said he isn’t sure why King would have made that comment, but has some theories (which he didn’t share).

“I can’t speak for why Gary would say that. I have a couple of ideas, but I can’t really say anything just because I don’t know. But I think there are a couple of reasons why. But I would work with everyone else again,” he added.

One possible reason is both Propson and King were attracted to stew Mad Herrera. Despite kissing King when she was drunk, Herrera didn’t seem to be interested in King. So does she ultimately go with Propson, which angers King?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is on Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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