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Berlin footballer (15) dead: Paul’s organs will save people



From: Jonathan Anda, KOLJA GÄRTNER, Daniela Path, Jörg Schallenberg and Tim Thorer

Frankfurt – They are spooky scenes: several people form a circle on a soccer field, holding umbrellas and blankets – as privacy screens. It is the moment after the brutal beating attack on a young footballer. At the center circle, rescue workers try to save the unconscious Paul (15) with a heart massage!

An eyewitness recorded the scene on Sunday on the sports field of SV Viktoria Preußen in Frankfurt/Main as a mobile phone video. It’s 28 seconds long. Shortly before there was a dispute between Players of two youth teams escalated.

The horrible end: Paul dies three days later. A 16-year-old player from France, the alleged racket, is in custody.

The association shows the photo in consultation with the parents. BILD added pixelation

Photo: BFC Dynamo


Paul’s organs will save other people

Paul’s death should make life possible for other people. Chief prosecutor Nadja Niesen said before Paul’s death on Wednesday morning when asked by BILD: “He is currently still being held on machines because he is an organ donor and the removal is being prepared.” That happened during the morning. The machines were shut down before 12 noon.

What organs and tissues can be donated after death?

What happens to the suspect?

The suspect – a Moroccan citizen living in France – is still in custody. Niesen: “The arrest warrant is for serious bodily harm.” According to BILD information, the charge in the investigation by the public prosecutor’s office was changed to “causing fatal bodily harm” after Paul’s death.

If there is a trial against the 16-year-old, he will probably be in Frankfurt led. Even if a hearing at the place of residence of the accused is possible in juvenile criminal law. Niesen: “The procedure will probably remain here, however, since there is also local responsibility in Frankfurt due to the crime scene.”

This threatens the 16-year-old: “In the case of bodily harm resulting in death, the penalty is three to 15 years in prison for adults. There is a maximum of ten years youth penalty for young people,” explains Nadja Niesen.

That happened on the soccer field

The 16-year-old player from FC Metz (France) hit the 15-year-old from JFC Berlin “from behind” on the head. Severe life-threatening brain injuries were later found in the hospital.

Several tournament participants stand at the edge of the field during the operation

Several tournament participants stand at the edge of the field during the operation

Photo: Source: Okanfnw/

Grégory Nimesken is the manager of the French team SG Merlebach, who also took part in the tournament. According to him, rescue workers arrived ten minutes after the attack.

Nimesken: “It happened right after the final whistle. We were supposed to play the next game on the same pitch – and saw how a ball of players suddenly formed in the center circle. The coaches of both teams intervened and tried to separate those involved.”


David, another supervisor of SG Merlebach, to BILD: “Our team warmed up. I didn’t see the start of the altercation. We heard screams and turned to face the field, saw the player on the ground.” According to his observation, what happened happened in the center circle of the field.

Ambulance crew at the sports field of SV Viktoria Prussia

Ambulance crew at the sports field of SV Viktoria Prussia

Photo: Source: Okanfnw/

According to Nimesken, the police questioned the alleged perpetrator in the dressing room, together with a supervisor.

His lawyer Dr. Seyed Sharam Iranbomy (56) on BILD: “It was a dynamic process, nobody knew who was hitting where. As far as I know, my client was identified by his shirt number 6. I think that’s difficult.”

The lawyer continued: “In my opinion, my client is innocent. Provocation and aggression emanated from the Berlin group, as reported by the French soccer team. My client acted in self-defense.”

The organizers of the international youth tournament “Germany Cup” announced on their website that they would exhaust all possibilities to make their contribution to education. One was “deeply shocked by the events”, the “thoughts are with the players and parents of the player”.

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At the tournament, teams played on different pitches in Frankfurt over Pentecost. Games in the age groups U9 (born in 2014 and younger) to U11 (born in 2012 and younger) and U17 (born in 2006 and younger) took place on the affected pitch of SC Viktoria Preußen.

FC Metz wrote on his website, the young player concerned from the club’s performance program denies having intentionally injured the other young person. The club, players and parents are available to the German authorities to advance the investigation.

Source: Asia Times

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