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‘Big Brother’ 25 Spoilers: Cirie Begs Jared to Evict Her in Week 7



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Cirie Fields told her son, Jared Fields, she wants him to nominate her for eviction in ‘Big Brother’ Season 25 Week 7. Here’s what she said.

CBS’s Big Brother Season 25 Week 7 puts Jared Fields back in charge as Head of Household. Jared and Cirie Fields are a package deal, as the mother-son duo continues to help each other get to the end. Unfortunately, Cirie might be ready to call it quits on the game, as she begged Jared to nominate her for eviction, according to Big Brother Season 25 spoilers.

[Spoiler alert: Big Brother Season 25 Week 7 spoilers ahead.]

‘Big Brother’ Season 25 Week 7 spoilers: Cirie Fields asked her son, Jared Fields, to nominate her for eviction

Cirie Fields might be ready to call it quits, according to Big Brother Season 25 Week 7 spoilers. Jared Fields won Head of Household in week 7, giving him and Cirie the power. The rest of the houseguests are starting to catch on to Cirie’s reign, and it seemed highly likely that Cirie would’ve been nominated if Jared didn’t win HOH.


Cirie should’ve been jumping for joy over Jared’s win, but oddly enough, she asked her son to nominate her for eviction.

“Listen, hear me out,” Cirie privately told Jared before he announced his nominations. “I don’t think … I know you’re going to say it’s a bad idea. Say Cameron wins and takes America down.”

“Put Jag up?” Jared asked her.

“No. Put me up. Put me up. Let me go,” Cirie told her son. “Because everybody is associating you with me. It’d be the best thing for your game. It would repair you and Cameron; it would shake Cory and them up. It would just put you in a great, better spot, and I’m OK with it. I promise you, I promise you, I’ll be OK with it. … This will be the best thing for your game, I think. Think about it.”

Realistically, fans would never expect Jared to accept Cirie’s request. But he discussed the possibility with Blue Kim. Jared nominated America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger, but he talked to Blue about possibly using Cirie as a renomination. Ultimately, Jared told Cirie he’d never put her name on the block, no matter what she told him.

Cory Wurtenberger says he wants to nominate Cirie Fields and backdoor Jared Fields in week 8

The houseguests are on to Cirie and Jared Fields. According to Big Brother Season 25 Week 7 spoilers, Cory Wurtenberger, one of Jared’s nominees in week 7, discussed what he wants to do in week 8 if he wins Head of Household. Cory told America that he hopes to nominate Cirie and Felicia Cannon and backdoor Jared.

A double eviction is coming, so there could be a significant house shakeup in week 8. Fans will have to wait and see what goes down — and if Cirie holds on to the power in the house.


This story was originally reported by Big Brother Network.

Big Brother Season 25 airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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