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‘Big Brother’: Taylor Hale Reveals the Reddit Tips That Helped Her



Big Brother fans have strong opinions on how the game should be played. Taylor Hale revealed how they helped her figure out how to prepare for season 24. 

Taylor Hale had to learn ‘Big Brother’ quickly

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Big Brother 24 had superfans in the cast with Michael Bruner and Daniel Durston. But Taylor wasn’t as familiar with the game and was surprised that she won.

“It just blows my mind,” Taylor told Entertainment Tonight. “Because I was just someone who was a very passive, casual enjoyer, I can’t really say fan, of the show. I started watching last season. That’s what brought me in and started going back and watching other seasons. So knowing I made a mark on the franchise in this way is unbelievable. It doesn’t feel real.”

The Cookout was a huge inspiration for Taylor. But she revealed another season she watched closely.


Taylor Hale studied Danielle Reyes’ game because of Reddit

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Taylor answered questions about Big Brother on Reddit. One person asked what tip she found useful from the message board to prepare.

“To study Danielle Reyes’ game,” she wrote. “Dr Will and Dan can’t be replicated – don’t try to do what they did. Play your own game.”

She also learned what fans didn’t like about the show. “Scripted DR’s suck – be normal. I tried, but I’m long winded and needed help making my DRs concise,” the pageant queen continued.

“I saw a lot of talk about how people wanted fights like season 10, and didn’t want people going on the show just with the goal of becoming influencers,” she wrote. “I knew if I engaged in the fights, I would have gone home sooo sorry guys. And I didn’t go on the show with the goal of simply seeking fame, but it kinda fell into my lap at the end lol. Hope you all don’t hate me (or my lays).”

Danielle Reyes reacted to Taylor Hale’s win

Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Reyes originally was a houseguest on Big Brother 3 and was runner-up and lost to Jason Guy. She later returned for Big Brother 7 and placed sixth.


The alum recognized Taylor’s achievement on Twitter. “​​New Queen is in the house! Congratulations Taylor! I’m so proud of you. ‘You know you that b*tch when you cause all this conversation Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.’ – Beyoncé @CBSBigBrother #QueenTaylor #TaylorHale #TaylorForAFP,” she tweeted, according to Golden Derby. 

Quoting Beyoncé Knowles for Taylor’s win is fitting since she asked for her new album, Renaissance, for her last Head of Household win. It looks like Taylor was set down the right path and still played a very different game from Reyes.

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