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‘Big Brother’: Tyler Crispen Reveals What Ended His Relationship With Angela Rummans



Big Brother couple Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen, affectionately referred to as Tangela, announced their breakup after an engagement and four years of dating. A few weeks after she confirmed their split, he revealed what ended the relationship in a recent YouTube video.

Tyler Crispen says the inability to ‘be myself’ ended his relationship with Angela Rummans

Nearly two weeks after reality TV star Angela Rummans confirmed her split from Tyler Crispen, he uploaded a YouTube video titled “what now?” detailing his new life and mental health after the breakup.

After showing his morning routine, the Big Brother 20 runner-up claimed he currently feels the “best” he’s felt in years, noting he hadn’t felt like himself for a while.

Tyler pointed to his different behavior from his Big Brother debut to his return two seasons later as proof, admitting he began dealing with depression at the time.

The popular houseguest noted it took him a while to get out of it and revealed the journey “shifted” his life. He called 2022 the “darkest, worst year” of his life as the reality TV star struggled with confidence. According to Tyler, he identified his inability to “be myself” as the “nail in the coffin” to his four-year relationship and engagement to Angela.

Angela previously confirmed the breakup with Tyler

Although the Big Brother alum referred to their breakup as a “dark time,” he admitted he’s grateful for it as it helped him confront his past traumas.


Tyler says he’s begun focusing on his mental health and has since realized the demand to elevate himself resulted in his depression.

The Hilton Head native still lives in the South Carolina home he owns with Angela and isn’t sure about his next moves as he’s focused on maintaining a positive mindset.

Tangela fans began believing their favorite reality TV couple secretly split up around the summer of 2022 when they noticed the usually affectionate pair stopped posting pictures with each other on social media. They remained silent about the alleged split until late January 2023, when Angela confirmed their breakup in a YouTube video on their rebranded channel.

Angela says they officially split in August 2022

According to the BB20 star, the couple began having issues in mid-2021, a few months after they got engaged. She admitted to competing in CBS’s spinoff series The Challenge: USA, which she filmed in April 2022, hoping the break would help their relationship.

However, Angela noted their bond continued to deteriorate, resulting in their decision to attend therapy. Ultimately, it didn’t work, as Angela said the couple chose to split in August 2022. She explained she went to Bali and began a healing journey while he remained in their South Carolina-based home.

According to Angela, the couple had a video chat planned alongside her therapist for a few months later, in December 2022, where they would discuss the future of their relationship. However, an article was published a day before their anticipated conversation revealing their split, causing Angela to feel “silenced.” Therefore, she withdrew as she didn’t want to face questions at the time.

The Challenge finalist went on to clarify that she and Tyler have broken up but plan to keep their house and jewelry business together. Additionally, she claimed she has since opened a business in Bali and intends to acquire a two-year residency in the country. While Angela said she might open up more about their breakup at a later date and claimed she’ll always love him, Tyler didn’t say anything about her, and it doesn’t seem as though he’ll address their split again.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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