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Bill Cosby: New sex allegations against TV star



It just doesn’t stop…

US comedian Bill Cosby (85, “The Bill Cosby Show”) is being sued for another alleged sexual assault, as reported by several American media.

Former Playboy model Victoria Valentino, 80, claims she was molested by Cosby after he gave her two pills that left her helpless, according to a new lawsuit.

The incident is said to have happened in 1969. At that time, Valentino was trying to gain a foothold in Hollywood. She and her friend met Cosby at a restaurant. He wanted to invite her to her dinner. But the evening turned into a nightmare.

Valentino claims that Cosby put pills next to their food that would make them feel better. But after taking it, the two friends had trouble staying awake.

As early as 2018, Victoria Valentino drew attention to her alleged fate


Photo: Jacqueline Larma/AP

The actor offered to drive the young women home. Instead, he drove her to his office, where the sexual assault took place, Valentino said. Cosby sat down next to her with an erection. She tried to get up, but her legs wobbled and gave out.

Cosby then unzipped his pants and forced his penis into her mouth. Then he is said to have turned her around and penetrated her vagina from behind.

Valentino explains that she was unable to consent because Cosby drugged her, leaving her physically helpless. She suffered severe humiliation, mental anguish, emotional stress and loss of earnings for which she now wants compensation.

Cosby’s attorney Andrew Wyatt told the American news site “ TMZ”: “The media needs to be cautious and careful in scrutinizing Victoria Valentino – for changing her alleged reports of sexual abuse by Mr Cosby more than 10-15 times.”

Source: Asia Times


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