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BIT2023: A glimpse in banking, innovation, technology



Khaleej Times will explore the innovative offerings in fintech segment in its power-packed event scheduled on November 15-16


The UAE has proved to be a hot-test-bed for innovation that gets deployed in fintech segment with latest technologies. Khaleej Times will explore these innovative offerings in its power-packed event BIT2023 scheduled on November 15-16.

Ravi Tharoor, CEO Khaleej Times, on Thursday announced launch of BIT2023’s tie-up with Wevalue and Fintech Tuesdays (FTT). The event welcomed fintech founders, mentors, and most stakeholders of startup ecosystem from leading regional and global brands.

“We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated 4th edition of BIT 2023 — the Banking, Innovation & Technology forum. This summit, born from the legacy of our successful DIGIBANK editions, is now rebranded as BIT, co -presented with Wevalue and supported by Fintech Tuesdays. The event promises to redefine the confluence of banking and fintech,” said Tharoor.


“Our summit focuses on this pivotal moment where every speech and discussion, every debate and deliberation, will seek to probe the synergy between financial services, fintech pioneers, and the overarching presence of the government which can and will chart the course towards a future we are only beginning to imagine,” he added.

Khaleej Times’ fintech event, which is supported by FTT, is a community of 1,000 members, representing multiple constituencies and backgrounds.

“FTT’s aim is to foster a culture of collaboration and engagement amongst the multiple stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem. By stimulating dialogue between startups, incumbents, regulators and investors we look to facilitate the relationships that make it easier for innovation to thrive and deliver value,” said Tristan Brandt, FTT Associate Community Member and co-founder.


The MENA region’s fintech startup and venture capital landscape is booming, with over 800 fintech startups worth $15.5 billion, according to data by

Dubai alone is home to over 20 per cent of the world’s fintech businesses, according to the UAE Fintech Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2023 – 2028) Report by Mordor Intelligence.

The global fintech sector is rapidly growing and is predicted to be valued at $305 billion globally by 2025, according to Research and Markets, an intelligence and market analysis firm.


Bicky Carlra and Sai Narain, representing WeValue the Co-presenter of BIT’23, recognise that the strategic partnership with FinTech Tuesdays (FTT) marks the inception of a transformative era in conference delivery. Leveraging FTT’s diverse community support, this alliance aspires to foster collaboration from grassroots to industry leaders, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and dialogue that transcends across the financial landscape.

KT Events will tap into the potential growth that stems from innovation in banking and technology paving innovation in finance through BIT2023.


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