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Body Language Expert Points Out the Moment Kate Middleton and King Charles Displayed ‘Affectionate’ Bond



Kate Middleton has been a member of the royal family since she married Prince William back in 2011. The Princess of Wales, as she has been known since Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022, has certainly left her mark not only on William but also on his father, King Charles III. Kate seemed to integrate into the family quite well, having a seamless transition from commoner to royal.

Kate has become close with plenty of other royal family members, and Charles has taken a liking to her through the years. One body language expert even analyzed a sweet moment between the king and his daughter in law.

Kate Middleton joined the royal family in 2011

William and Kate wed in a televised ceremony back in April 2011, but the wedding was certainly a long time coming. The two first met at the University of St. Andrews way back in 2001, and they began dating in 2002. The couple kept their relationship under wraps for two years, when William finally introduced Kate to the world by inviting her on his family’s ski trip knowing the paparazzi would leak their romance.

William and Kate briefly broke up in 2004 only to rekindle the romance shortly after, and they took another break in 2007. However, William once again wanted the princess back, and once he won her over again, he finally proposed in 2010. Kate waited patiently for her prince, even earning the nickname “Waity Katie” in the process. However, the two wed in 2011, and Kate has been an integral part of the royal family ever since.

King Charles and Kate Middleton share a sweet embrace on the red carpet in 2021

Kate Middleton has developed a close bond with King Charles III

Kate has always gotten along with her father-in-law, King Charles, though Charles isn’t one to show much affection in public — that is, unless it is toward his niece, Zara Tindall, with whom he has a close relationship. However, one body language expert says Charles actually does let his guard down around Kate more often than we might realize; it’s just a matter of spotting those signs.

Judi James, speaking to Femail, said that Kate and Charles’ 2021 appearance on the “007” red carpet showed that they are closer than ever. ” … Possibly thanks to his very open grief at the death of his father and perhaps the fracturing of his relationship with his youngest son, we are seeing his daughter in law Kate stepping into a much closer and more emotionally comforting role, with their body language suggesting some unexpected levels of affection,” James said of Charles and Kate’s time together during the public appearance.

James also added that Kate showed her “confidence” while spending time with Charles. “Her gesture of placing one arm round his neck and shoulder in public is a very important one as it signals her growing confidence and even sense of status within the family,” she said.


William and Kate have also been working on showing more affection in public. The two used to remain professional in front of an audience, but ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle entered the picture and defied that royal protocol, William and Kate have been loosening up around one another, too. It’s not unusual to see William with his hand on Kate’s back or the two sharing a sweet embrace in public.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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