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Century-old Turkish hospital in Samsun to undergo transformation



Dating back to the start of the 20th century, a historical building in Türkiye’s northern Samsun province, which served as a hospital for decades, will be restored and transformed into a “Family and Life Center” through a protocol signed between the Ministry of Health and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

The building, which underwent a major fire and was severely damaged in 2007, has stayed idle since.

The historical campus that began operating in 1902 served as a hospital under different names including “Canik Gureba” in the initial years and Samsun National Hospital after 1924. Furtherly it was transferred to the Ministry of Health in 1954 under the name Samsun State Hospital.

Later, the hospital primarily served as the Samsun Mental Health and Diseases Hospital from the 1980s until when the fire broke out in 2007. The registered historical building remained vacant as the hospital moved to a new service building.


An aerial view of the 121-year-old Samsun hospital set to undergo the restoration, Samsun, Türkiye, May 29, 2023. (DHA Photo)

After the tender procedures were completed, the works on the restoration of the complex, which is planned to serve as a center catering to the needs of women, youth and children, and spanning an indoor area of 11,537 square meters (over 124,180 square feet) have recently started. Upon the completion of the restoration process, the project that aims to draw attention with its green and historical concept would provide locals with facilities including a sports complex, meeting and exhibition halls, music and art workshops, science classrooms, computer and education classrooms, a library, guesthouse and sightseeing areas.

Stating that they attach particular importance to projects that preserve the green and historical texture, Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We started the restoration work of the historical building rapidly within the scope of our project, which started in the area where the old Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital is located. Our building, which we will restore and preserve, will be used for social and cultural activities.”

Explaining that they plan to establish the center with the concept that family members from all age groups can come together, the mayor noted that the center would appeal to all neighborhoods in the Ilkadim region, referring to the district within the Samsun metropolitan area. “(It will feature) a coffee shop, park and courses. Preschool education services will be provided, as well as female-oriented courses,” Demir said.

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Source: Daily Sabah

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