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Chat on tea with a sensation behind Good Vibes Music Entertainment



Sometimes, someone comes from nowhere and conquers everything! The same goes true for Willi Hendrixx who is a true symbol of multi-talent. The man of art, crafts, and man of movement behind the songs.

We stole some of his moments for our readers to have some chat on tea. Here we go with the gossip we had with him.

Q: What is your background? Education, Work Experience

A: My background is that I produce instrumentals. So like a Music Producer. I love making music. To me, I feel like music just moves your body and soul in different ways.

Q: How did you get your idea or concept to start showbiz as a career?

How did I get my idea about a Music career? Well, I shall say that when I was younger music has always been an important value in my life. My mom would tell me that the only way I would wake up fully is if she played some tunes and then I would get up and start dancing.


So, I would say that growing up, I took music to the next level and wanted to create something meaningful to put into the world to move people’s bodies as it did me.

Q: What is unique about you?

A: Honestly, I am an outgoing person. You can definitely approach me and start a conversation or take a picture or two. I love just talking and making jokes. You know with everything going on in the world, we need some happiness in our lives. So I love making jokes and seeing people smile!

Q: Your songs are almost on every papular social media, what do you think about how social media helps you get more reach?

A: Social Media, rules the world right now. I am very happy that social media can bring many opportunities to artists like myself. For example. TikTok alone, having a creator making a catchy trend on a song can take your song and make it number one in the world. So, if anyone wants to make a trend with a Willie Hendrixx song, be my guest haha.

Q: What is the most appealing song you thought you have sung or made?

A: I would say Indigo Love is an appealing song to me. I was in a place where you know we all go through a breakup. So I took it upon myself to write a song about it. Basically how our relationship was and where I thought it could have been in the future. But life happens right haha.


Q: Tell us about Good Vibes Music Entertainment.

A: Good Vibes Music Entertainment is my Record Label Brand. I came up with the name when I was in Guam. I’d say around the year 2017. Being in Guam, it was always Good Vibes and I was making music. I want to say that some friends were talking about Good Vibes and Music.

Out of nowhere, I’m like that’s it. I want Good Vibes Music Entertainment. Music always brings Good Vibes out of people and that’s what I want the music to do when you listen to my music. So here we are with Good Vibes Music Entertainment.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?

A: Honestly, the people. Without the fans nothing is possible. I love all my fans and they have helped me push myself to my full ability and more. I just love seeing the dances, the singing, and the rapping. It fills me with Joy, so I continue to put out Good Music.

Q: What do you look for in a new project as a singer?

A: The thing I look for in a new project or singer is connectivity. Like how can this project or singer connect with people and also tell their story while listening to the music? I like to feel as if I am in the listener’s shoes and letting them know we all go through things in life. The good and the bad. So if the project is an upbeat, dance, hip song. You’d tell I was in the studio vibing great probably jumping up and with the artist haha.


Q: You have done so many wonderful projects. Which one is the most memorable to you and why?

A: I will say, the album I did with my younger brother. The album is called Dreko G. This came around the start of 2021. My and lil bro was talking like we always do and I was telling him he needs to get serious with the music. We have an album before Dreko G called Black Heart, which we are working on Black Heart 2 for later on in the year but I told him haters going to hate and keep pushing. Take all that pain and I want you to deliver it on the Dreko G album. So, I will say Dreko G is my memorable project because it meant so much to push my brother to another level.

Q: How has your career been affected due to pandemic?

A: Good question. Well for me the pandemic didn’t affect me at all. Like of course the world was shut down, but not music. I was still able to connect with artists and send and review songs to push out into the world. Of course, during the pandemic, I got into TikTok haha.

But overall, during the pandemic, I made so many beats during my free time.

Q: You have built your personal brand and gained huge respect alone. What advice do you have for growing talent?

A: I would say, Keep up the dedication and motivation! It does seem like it may not happen but nothing in life comes easy or fast. Keep grinding, and keep up the strength. People will have opinions about you no matter what you do, whether it’s being a Music Artist, Star Athlete, or becoming a very valuable leader in the world. You have to put yourself out there and take control!


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