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Checkout on strike: retailers can’t get any further with providers



His till didn’t ring. And that for almost two years. At the same time, the monthly rent was 70 euros.

What happened?

BILD reader Claus Kraft (63) runs an esoteric shop in Schönwald in the Black Forest. Two years ago he decided on a new POS system from Telecash from Bad Homburg (Hesse). That should actually make it easier to process payments in his small shop.

Stupid: The device from America does not work at all in Germany. However, the retailer fell on deaf ears with the responsible distributor. for months! In his distress, he turns to “BILD is fighting for you!”

The editors write to the Bad Homburg company. Just one day later, Claus Kraft received a call: “We’ll pick up the cash register, and you’ll be reimbursed for your costs of around 1,600 euros!”


Kraft: “Wow, thank you BILD!”!

Now it’s your turn: Report to “BILD fights for you!”

Have you been wronged?

Then register with your name, age, place of residence and telephone number

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BILD will also review your case and try to help.

Because BILD fights like a lion, roars like a lion and has the strong heart of a lion – for you too!

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Source: Asia Times


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