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Chemnitzer FC: resignation bang! Entire board of directors gone immediately



Resignation bang at regional league Chemnitzer FC!

On Thursday evening Romy Polster (61/Chairman), Siegfried Rümmler (69/Deputy Chairman), Michael Reichardt (73/CFO), Marc Arnold (52/Sports Director) and Susanne Bilz (50) announced their resignation from their positions on the Board !

After years of mismanagement and weeks of reappraisal (BILD reported exclusively on May 19), the association and the outsourced GmbH are reorganizing themselves.

The way is clear for a new start, clear for the financiers and sponsors who made a commitment dependent on the withdrawal of the above-mentioned personal details.

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The allegations are clear: Polster installed members in the Supervisory Board and Management Board GmbH committees who uncritically followed the ideas and content of the association chairmen. In this way, power structures could arise that blocked possible additional income, at least for the GmbH.

An example: According to BILD information, the catering contracts were set up with a revenue ratio of 94:6 in favor of the service provider Polster-Catering versus the Chemnitzer FC club.An absurdity!

The processing will have to continue in the next few weeks. Setting up a new squad is at least as important. In the coming season, he will have to compete with numerous clubs that are guaranteed to put more quality in their squads than the CFC is able to do for first place with the right to be promoted directly to the 3rd division.

Source: Asia Times


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