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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Killmer Explains Why She’s Leaving the NBC Show 



Kara Killmer is shedding some light on her decision to leave Chicago Fire

Killmer’s final episode of the NBC drama airs Wednesday, Feb. 28. “Port in the Storm” will see her Sylvie Brett character say “I do” to Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer). In a recent interview, the actor explained why now was the time to say goodbye to Chicago Fire, which she joined in season 3 after close to a decade on the show.

Sylvie’s story on ‘Chicago Fire’ came to a ‘natural conclusion’

Killmer spoke with TVLine ahead of her final episode of Chicago Fire. She explained why she decided now was the time to leave the Dick Wolf series

When viewers met Sylvie Brett, she was a recently jilted bride starting over in the Windy City. Now, she’s an adoptive mom to a baby girl and is about to marry her true love. According to Killmer, the character’s story had come to its logical end. 

“I think this is a natural conclusion for the arc of Sylvie’s character,” she said. “I sort of love that she started her journey [when] she was dumped at the altar by her high school boyfriend and runs off to Chicago to start over again, and I love that she ends up across the aisle from the love of her life and, obviously, the most eligible bachelor in all of Chicago and Portland.” 

“It’s just so satisfying to get to see her have everything that she always wanted and to see the kind of woman she’s become, the sort of paramedic she’s become,” Killmer added. “She’s really stepped into her own, and so, this is a natural conclusion for her.”


After Casey’s surprising proposal in the Chicago Fire Season 11 season finale, he and Sylvie will tie the knot in season 12’s sixth episode. Unfortunately, due to a mix-up when booking the venue, the couple will say their vows at a fish store called The Aquarium, not Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, as Sylvie had envisioned. But based on photos from the episode, Brettsey makes the best of it. Of course, the entire Firehouse 51 crew is there to celebrate, with Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) standing up for the couple and Boden (Eamonn Walker) officiating. 

What’s next for Kara Killmer on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Sylvie Brett, in her wedding dress, taking a selfie in front of a wedding cake in 'Chicago Fire'

With Chicago Fire in her rearview mirror, what’s next for Killmer? She said she’s looking forward to exploring other career opportunities. 

“I mean, I’m certainly excited to see what other projects are out there, for sure …​​ There’s a lot of interesting content that’s being created right now. And I’m very satisfied with where things end up for Sylvie on Fire,” she shared.  

That said, she’s not ruling out a return to Chicago Fire if the circumstances are right. 

“If the door’s open for [Bretty and Casey to return], the door’s open for me! I would be more than happy to pop in anytime,” she said. “You know, 51 has a unique way of getting itself into trouble, and we love to see familiar faces, and so I’m happy to come back anytime.”

“Port in the Storm” airs Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. Chicago Fire episodes stream the next day on Peacock. 

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