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Chicken Wing, Guac Prices Drop in 2023 Ahead of Super Bowl 57



Let’s give you something to “guac” about for Super Bowl 57!

If you enjoy a tasty spread of food and drinks while you gather around your TV to watch the biggest sporting event of the year, you are in luck.

Consumers of various poultry options including chicken wings, steak and shrimp will be seeing a significant price drop compared to last year, making your Super Bowl party this year budget-friendly.

Moreover, delicious condiments for your favorite chips such as guacamole and hummus are following suit as some affordable Super Bowl dips after an uptick last year.

On the beverage end, if you enjoy catching the action with a couple of cold ones, you may be disappointed to see an increase in price.

Ahead of Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 12, here is what you should know before purchasing an array of game day food and drinks:


Data is courtesy of Wells Fargo

How much are chicken wings per pound?

The good news is that the supply of chickens is at the highest level since early 2019 and the price per pound has dropped in the past year.

Last year, the USDA weekly retail price showed whole chicken wings costing $3.38 per pound whereas the Jan. 6, 2023 price reflects a price drop to $2.65 per pound.

How much is steak per pound?

If you’re a steak lover, there’s some good news for you as well.

Since last December, the price of a sirloin steak has dropped by almost $1 per pound.

While hamburgers are at a slightly higher price point than last January, they are well down from their 4th of July high point.

What’s also making burgers a bit more affordable this Super Bowl is the price drop in bacon — one of America’s favorite burger toppings.


Which popular Super Bowl foods have gotten cheaper?

Besides chicken wings and steak, there are other Super Bowl treats that have gotten cheaper. 

A tasty shrimp cocktail will be more affordable this Super Bowl as last year’s high prices pushed consumers away from purchasing the seafood.

Because demand went down, wholesalers have freezers and coolers filled with shrimp that are priced at a lower point.

How much are avocados?

Super Bowl 56 had celebrators in a last-minute scare when a Mexican supply kerfuffle had avocados blocked at the border.

There is no shortage of avocados this year as there has been an increase in crop plantings and improvement management to up the supply. 

As a result, there is a 20% price decline in avocados this Super Bowl.

What’s the cheapest beverage for Super Bowl 57?

A cold one is going to cost you a little more during Super Bowl 57.


Beer has taken an 11% price increase while wine and spirits are up only 4% and 2% respectively. 

The price increase has even hit soft drinks as there has been a 25% uptick in the ingredients and shipping costs.

Nevertheless, a two-liter bottle is still affordable averaging $2.13.

Source: NBC New York


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