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‘Chicks in the Office’ Podcast: Ria Addresses Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Calling Her a ‘Dirty Little Hamster,’ Why She Didn’t Respond



Maria “Ria” Ciuffo has finally explained why Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino called her out on Twitter in March 2023. Amid the tweets about his agreement with Angelina Pivarnick to “tweet like crazy,” Mike shared a tweet urging the Barstool Sports celebrity to “hang it up.” Here’s why Mike called Ria from Chicks in the Office a “dirty little hamster” and why she chose not to respond to the MTV celebrity.

Mike ‘The Situation’ called Barstool celeb a ‘dirty little hamster’ 

“You should hang it up!!” Mike tweeted on Thursday, March 16, tagging Ria in the post. He replied to his tweet with another reading: “Go do another @JerseyShore special collect your money and respectfully shut your mouth.” He’s referring to the Jerztory: How Jersey Shore Changed TV special that aired in September 2022 and featured Ria and her Chicks in the Office co-star Francesca “Fran” Mariano. The two provided commentary and celebrated the 10+ years of success Jersey Shore has experienced.

Mike’s reply tweet included the iconic GIF of him from Jersey Shore Season 2 when he called Angelina Pivarnick a “dirty little hamster.” Ria didn’t reply or react to the tweet, leaving many fans confused about Mike’s comments in the first place. It wasn’t until a few days later that Ria explained the entire situation.

‘Chicks in the Office’ podcast clarifies what Ria said that upset Mike ‘The Situation’ 

Ria finally clarified why Mike was seemingly upset with her on Twitter in the March 20 episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast. “Guys I got in trouble,” Ria says in the episode. “I upset the cast of Jersey Shore and you know what? I’m OK because I have said many, many, many times how much I love them and how much I love the original Jersey Shore.” 

According to the Barstool celebrity, the cast of Jersey Shore saw a clip of her explaining “an MTV problem, not a Jersey Shore problem.” She added: “MTV just needs to … what happened when they created all these different shows. We want more of that. I also said if I was them, I’d keep getting paid.” 


Mike wasn’t happy with the comments Ria made presumably about wanting the original series back instead of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Apparently neither was the rest of the cast.

“Actually, none of them were happy with me,” Ria added. “I got dirty little hamstered, and I didn’t respond.”

Why Ria didn’t respond to Mike ‘The Situation’s tweet 

As for why Ria didn’t address the tweet until three days later, she said: “I figured, ‘What’s the use of going back and forth with these people?’ I’m not taking it back. I stand by what I said and I also stand by the fact that I said I loved them multiple times.”

It’s unclear if Mike heard what Ria said about her Jersey Shore comments. 

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Source: Cheat Sheet


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