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Christine Brown Confirms ‘Sister Wives’ Will Return for Season 19



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TLC doesn’t like to announce a new season of their reality TV shows until they are just weeks away, but Christine Brown subtly confirmed season 19 of ‘Sister Wives’ in a new interview.

Season 18 of Sister Wives wrapped with Meri Brown walking away from her deeply troubled plural marriage. Now, fans are awaiting the infamous tell-all episodes. Before the first one airs, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown sat down for a joint interview. While Janelle and Christine didn’t drop any huge family bombshells, they did share some big news. Kody Brown’s ex-wives appear to have confirmed that season 19 of Sister Wives will be happening. 

Christine Brown confirms season 19 of ‘Sister Wives’ 

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown sat down with Entertainment Tonight for a chat about their lives ahead of the season 18 tell-all episodes. While the Browns no longer live a polygamist marriage, Christine revealed that there is plenty more story left to tell. The mother of six confirmed Sister Wives will return for season 19. 

Christine Brown sits in front of a bookcase during a confessional on 'Sister Wives'

In her interview, Christine revealed that she will remain cordial with both Kody and Robyn Brown for the children’s sake. The newly married Christine noted that there are some instances in which they have to be in the same room together for their kids. She told the publication that viewers will see that play out “next season” on Sister Wives

The subtle statement confirms what we already suspected. Not only is season 19 of Sister Wives greenlit, but some of it has already been filmed. While some viewers believed the series would end with season 18, others argued that there was plenty more drama to see.


Presumably, the next season will feature Gwendlyn Brown’s engagement and wedding to Beatriz Queiroz. They announced their engagement in November 2022 and married in July 2023.  Gwen has alluded to TLC’s cameras being on-hand at one of her events.

The season will likely also feature Christine Brown’s romance with David Woolley. She introduced her new beau in February 2023 on Instagram. Christine announced her engagement in April 2023, and the duo married in October. We assume David and Christine’s relationship will be the central storyline for season 19.

A release date is not currently available 

While Christine has confirmed that season 19 of Sister Wives will happen, she did not mention when fans can expect the series to return. The season 18 tell-all episodes are expected to wrap in mid-December, before Christmas. Season 17 ended with a three-part tell-all in January 2023 after premiering in September 2022. 

'Sister Wives' season 18 stars Meri, Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine Brown.

Considering the way the series has been scheduled in the past, fans will likely see the Brown family return in Summer 2024. Nothing is set in stone, though. It will probably be months before TLC makes an official announcement regarding the show’s fate. 

Source: Cheat Sheet


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