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Crazy ultra march in Austria! Pyro alarm at kids soccer game



Crazy scenes in Austria!

Pyrotechnics blazing ablaze, chants from the stands, loud drums, waving flags – you might think they are scenes from a derby game in the Bundesliga. But no, it’s about an ultra march at a children’s soccer game in Austria!

What was happening? Austria Salzburg’s U7s met the little guys from USV Lamprechthausen on Sunday. They played in front of a full ranks! Around 1300 Ultras filled the stands. Loudly they sang about the little kickers. In the meantime, there was even a lot of fire in the stands. Despite the young age of the players, the fans didn’t shy away from flaring off some pyrotechnics.

Fans, torches and flags Wild pyro party at kids game

Are the children afraid? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! They played happily on the field and were happy about the good atmosphere. The parents also seemed to agree, clapping and singing along happily.


The children’s game was part of the regional league game between Austria Salzburg and the SV Grödig held. At half-time, the children got their big show. The video was initially made by Salzburg coaches Sascha Gasthuber on Facebook divided.

How nice that pyro alarm doesn’t always have to mean chaos…

Source: Asia Times

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