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Criticism of the chancellery extension: Lindner does without his swanky building



From: Jan W. Schaefer

Now the finance minister is also saving on himself…

Christian Lindner (44, FDP) wants to stop the planned new building of his ministry. The project, which costs up to 322 million euros, is to be called off.

Lindner to BILD: “We have to get out of debt. I also consider desirable but not necessary projects. I therefore question the planned new building of the Ministry of Finance.”

Pretty ostentatious: This is how the new building of the Ministry of Finance should look

Photo: Federal Ministry of Finance


Lindner had already demanded last week:

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) should stop the expansion of the chancellery (BILD reported). The new building is expected to cost almost 800 million euros.


A “modern administration building” that centrally accommodates the employees of the Federal Ministry of Finance, who are currently spread over six locations, as the ministry advertises the project

Photo: Federal Ministry of Finance

Lindner increases the pressure to save, cuts himself.

The new building plans for his ministry did not come from him at all – but from his predecessor Olaf Scholz. In 2019, as Minister of Finance, he commissioned the new building.

Lindner already has an idea of ​​what should be built on the site instead of the new ministry building: new apartments! “We lack affordable housing,” says Lindner: “Instead, we will now check whether living space can be created here.”

The finance minister would also help his cabinet colleague Klara Geywitz (47, SPD) with this. When she took office, the building minister promised 400,000 new apartments per year. So far without success: in 2022 just over half were completed.

Map: Construction stop for the finance minister - infographic

Chancellery should use Bundestag offices

The chairwoman of the building committee in the Bundestag, Sandra Weeser (FDP), has a good idea how Chancellor Olaf Scholz can save his almost 800 million euro extension!

She suggested in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that the Chancellery could in future also use the office space for its employees that will become free again as a result of the downsizing of the Bundestag as a result of the new electoral law. The buildings would be within walking distance.

Source: Asia Times

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