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Crown Heights community mourns deli worker shot to death, as police release photo of gunman



NYPD searching for gunman in deadly bodega shooting


NYPD searching for gunman in deadly bodega shooting


NEW YORK — Police released a photo Tuesday of the gunman wanted in a deadly shooting of a deli worker in Brooklyn

The bodega reopened for business Tuesday, but the victim’s coworkers were too shaken to speak.

Grieving customers lay down candles and flowers in front of Amin Deli, where 37-year-old Nazim Berry was killed Monday. Neighbors were unable to understand how the shooter could be so callous.

“He was humble, he helped everyone out here,” Crown Heights resident Katrina Arroyo told CBS New York’s Christina Fan. “The kid worked in all these little stores just to make extra money. Didn’t bother no one at all. This doesn’t make sense.”

Brooklyn deli worker Nazim Berry was shot and killed on the job in Crown Heights.

CBS New York

Berry’s heartbroken mother, who rushed to the corner of Franklin Avenue and Lincoln Place on Monday night, said her son’s death was all over an unpaid cigar.

“The guy asked him to buy a Black & Mild, and he said no, and they started to argue,” his mother, Danette Hollie, said.

Berry’s mother wasn’t there at the time, but said his coworkers told her the customer left and then returned with a gun.

“When the guy went to draw the gun, Nazim [saw] it, and they had a tussle over it. And he said they tussled, and when you bend down and tussle, the guy pointed the gun right to the back of his head and shot him,” said Hollie.

Surveillance cameras captured the sound of a single gunshot before someone was seen sprinting from the scene.


“I hope they apprehend him and I hope they throw the book at him,” Crown Heights resident T. Neal said. 

“You didn’t have money for a cigar, but you had a gun?” said Arroyo.

The United Bodegas of America is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Source: CBS


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