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Dagmar Berghoff doesn’t like it: ZDF has shrunk the skirt!



This newscast was a stunner.

Lisa Mittrücker now moderated “Today – in Germany” in a fashionable mini skirt.

New, modern times at ZDF? A spokesman for BILD: “There is less an official dress code than an awareness that fashion is a moderator.”

In addition, the 2 p.m. edition of “Today” is a country magazine. The moderators could moderate in front of the table and not behind it as usual.

“Tagesschau” legend Dagmar Berghoff (79) can’t get used to it. You to BILD: “I find a short skirt or deep neckline inappropriate for a news program.”

Likes it discreet: “Tagesschau” legend Dagmar Berghoff 1993


Photo: action press

But: “Everyone as he can. I was always instructed to dress as discreetly and modestly as possible.”

Lisa Mittrücker did not want to comment on the BILD request.

Source: Asia Times

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