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Dean McDermott Takes the Blame for the Demise of His Marriage to Tori Spelling as the Former Reality TV Stars Both Move On




Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott ended their marraige in June. Now, McDermott is explaining where things went wrong, and he is taking the blame.

It was an odd summer for Tori Spelling followers. Dean McDermott, Spelling’s husband, took to Instagram to announce his separation from Spelling in June before quickly deleting the post. From there, photographers followed their every move. McDermott was seen moving boxes into storage. Spelling was photographed bouncing around hotels, campers, and friends’ homes with her children. Both McDermott and Spelling have moved on to new partners, but McDermott is taking accountability for the breakdown of his second marriage. So, what exactly happened? 

Dean McDermott explains how his marriage to Tori Spelling ended 

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling were not strangers to separation and divorce rumors when their marriage finally ended. Over the years, media outlets have speculated about the end of their union several times. In June, McDermott let the world know that things were nearing their end, although he didn’t speak out about what caused the separation until recently. 

Dean McDermott is pictured at the 'Fam to Table' in 2015.

In a candid interview with The Daily Mail, McDermott revealed that alcohol addiction is what ultimately led to the end of his marriage. McDermott told the publication that addiction led him into complete isolation. He said he spent his days drinking tequila and taking prescription medications while his family spent their time elsewhere in their house. McDermott noted that the blackouts and rage were so intense that his kids and wife were terrified of him. McDermott also revealed that Spelling would spend her nights periodically checking on him to ensure he was still alive. 

The couple had weathered other problems, too. McDermott cheated on Spelling while filming a show. The fallout in the media was immense. They did reconcile after McDermott’s infidelity and admission of sex addiction, though. Financial issues and housing troubles plagued them, too. Still, after 18 years, McDermott’s impromptu Instagram post, fueled by tequila and Ambien, was the marriage’s final blow. 


Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling are both dating other people

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling’s marriage is officially over, and they have both moved on to new partners. Spelling has been spotted out on dates with a man named Ryan Cramer, the CEO of an advertising agency. While it’s unclear just how serious their relationship is, Spelling appears to be enjoying herself based on photos of the duo together.  

McDermott’s had an eventful fall, too. After leaving rehab and moving into a sober living facility, McDermott went looking for love. He has been seeing an account executive named Lily Calo since September. The duo have been spotted getting cozy in public. She is 25 years his junior. 

Are the exes communicating with each other? 

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have both moved on to new partners and living situations. While it’s unclear where Spelling is resting her head these days, McDermott is spending his time living in a sober house after completing his stint in rehab. Despite being seemingly comfortable with their new partners and their separation, the former duo still share several children. So, are McDermott and Spelling in communication? 

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are pictured with their family in 2022

It doesn’t sound like they speak much. McDermott told The Daily Mail that he and Spelling have resumed texting, but he hasn’t seen his wife of 18 years or the five children they share since late June. Spelling and McDermott’s kids range in age from 16 to 6. McDermott also has an adult son, Jack McDermott, from a previous marriage. 

Source: Cheat Sheet


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