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DSDS 2023: Pietro with pole dance insert! The action didn’t end well



THAT didn’t just hurt to watch…

At “Germany is looking for the superstar” Pietro Lombardi (30) let himself be carried away by a spontaneous pole dance performance on Saturday evening. But the number did not end well for the juror. In the end he had to report an injury.

Pietro had been encouraged to do the campaign by candidate Andrea Krause (26). The chemical laboratory assistant from Essen not only likes pop music from Korea, but also loves to dance at the pole. She really wanted to flash the jury with a K-Pop song, and she had high hopes: “I definitely want to be part of it DSDS convince by putting in a good performance. “

Chemical laboratory assistant Andrea likes to dance at the pole

Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

But first her pole dance hobby was a topic. Bohlen said to the young woman with a grin: “It just so happens that we have something like that there.” In fact, members of the team pushed a pole into the room. judge Katja Krasavice (26) was immediately on fire and asked Andrea: “Can you show me a few basics?”


After the candidate had performed her own gymnastics, Katja grabbed the device. However, her skintight outfit, which included a long glove, got in her way. Andrea advised the rapper: “Maybe you should take off the glove.” It just didn’t work, because it was integrated into the dress. Pietro could hardly stop laughing while watching.

DSDS juror Katja also tried the pole

DSDS juror Katja also tried the pole

Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Katja, amused herself, to her colleague: “Come here if you’re laughing.” He didn’t take long to ask and sprinted to the pole. Pietro did not even listen to the candidate’s explanations. “I can do that. Don’t worry.” The singer wrapped himself more or less skillfully around the pole.

Bohlen’s conclusion: “It was a disaster for everyone.” For one of the three actors, the action had an aftermath. Back in his seat, Pietro stated: “I’m badly injured!”, raising a hand. Out of sheer eagerness, he grabbed the upper end of the pole too hard and made a nasty impression. The skin was visibly scraped at the spot. Pietro: “It was full physical effort.”

The candidate was hit even harder. With her song “I Will Show You” by Ailee (33), Andrea failed the jury completely, even though she performed the number in Korean. Bohlen tough: “You can’t sing.” Only juror Leony (25) found a few positive words about the performance. “It looked like you had fun.”

More than a quadruple no was not possible. Pietro at the end about his painful pole dance action: “Next time I’ll deal with the situation differently or leave it completely.”

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Source: Asia Times

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