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Dubai: Man jailed, fined Dh14,000 for assaulting delivery driver, stealing two phones by force



The accused handed over the phones to his partner and began fleeing the scene, but the victim ran after them

A 32-year-old Asian man ordered two mobile phones from an online shopping company and agreed to pay cash at the time of the delivery. When the delivery man arrived at the address, however, the man assaulted him and took both phones by force.


The Dubai Misdemeanour Court has sentenced the accused to one month imprisonment, a fine of Dh14,000, and deportation from the country after serving his sentence.

According to police records, a delivery worker filed a report stating that he had been robbed under duress, after he went to a store in the Deira area to collect two phones to deliver them to a customer in return for cash.


The victim arrived at the place specified by the accused via WhatsApp to inform him that his order was ready for delivery. Minutes later, the customer arrived, and inspected the two phones to ensure they were of good quality.

The accused handed over the two phones to a partner and began fleeing the scene, but the victim ran after them. When he caught up with the accused, the latter assaulted the victim, punching him in the face several times – but the victim managed to grab the accused and take him to a police station, where he filed a report.

According to case files, the accused denied his involvement in stealing two phones from the victim – but the investigations supported the victim’s claim, and the court issued its ruling.


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