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Dubai: Security guard helps 2 others steal Dh97,000 worth of goods; all 3 convicted



The guard agreed to help the robbers for a fee of Dh5,000

The Dubai Criminal Court has convicted a security guard and two Asians for theft. They have been fined the value of the stolen items and will be deported after they serve their sentence.


The accused stole Dh97,000 worth of sugar and raw materials from the site. The guard agreed to cover the security cameras for a fee of Dh5,000.

Last October, a manager of a company reported a theft that occurred in the company’s warehouse.


The manager said that on the day after the incident, he visited the warehouse and saw that cartons of sugar and raw material were missing. He saw the security camera footage where he witnessed the guard cover two other cameras. However, he was unaware of the presence of the third camera.

He added that the footage revealed that the guard opened the door to the thieves and helped them load the cartons into a truck. The police arrested the guard and others, who then confessed to their crime.


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