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Duggars at Work: Joy-Anna Forsyth’s Birth Video May Have Revealed Abbie Duggar’s New Job



The Duggar family spent over a decade sharing their family “rules’ on 19 Kids and Counting On. The Duggar family adheres to a series of rules, including the rule that women should not work outside the home. Based on the Institute of Basic Life Principles teachings, they also think men should work for themselves instead of corporations. Many of the Duggars have followed the family tradition as they started their own families. It looks like one couple is sidestepping the career guidelines, though. Based on a recent video, it looks like Abbie Duggar, John David Duggar’s wife, has a job. A woman who looks just like Abbie was spotted in Joy-Anna Forsyth’s birth video. 

Joy-Anna Forsyth’s birth video seems to expose Abbie Duggar’s new job 

Joy-Anna Forsyth gave birth to her son, Gunner Forsyth, this month. While Joy and her husband, Austin Forsyth, made the big announcement last week, family followers had to wait until this weekend to see the couple’s birth video. While most of the YouTube upload focused on Gunner, Duggar family followers couldn’t help but notice a nurse involved in the process. 

At the 23-minute, Gunner is being weighed by a blonde nurse with curly hair. Duggar family followers quickly pointed out that the nurse looked like Abbie Duggar. Abbie previously held a job as an LPN in her home state of Oklahoma. 

Joy-Anna has since edited the video to blur out the face of the nurse. Family followers believe that confirms the nurse’s identity. Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray, a Facebook page dedicated to rumors about the famous family, has obtained unobscured screenshots. In those screenshots, the nurse in question does look a great deal like Abbie Duggar. 

She would be the first Duggar Daughter-in-Law to return to work 

If Abbie did return to nursing, which it appears she did, she would be the first Duggar daughter-in-law to maintain a career. Kendra Caldwell, Lauren Swanson, Anna Duggar, Katey Nakatsu, and Hannah Wissmann do not appear to work outside the home. None of the women listed above have the credentials that Abbie does, though. 

Joseph Duggar, who married Kendra, and Jeremiah Duggar, who wed Hannah in 2022, both work as real estate agents to support their families. Jedidiah Duggar, who married Katey in 2021, appears to run the Duggar family used car lot. It’s unclear what Josiah Duggar, who is married to Lauren Swanson, does for a living.  Anna Duggar’s husband, Josh Duggar, is currently serving a decade-long prison sentence.


Abbie was open about her willingness to return to work in 2019. During a chat with Us Weekly, the Oklahoma native revealed that she had transferred her nursing license to Arkansas. She said she made the move so she could return to work at some point if she wanted to. Abbie and John are the parents of two children. Their youngest child, Charlie Duggar, was born in October 2022. John and Abbie have remained largely out of the spotlight in recent years. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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