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Eintracht Frankfurt: Alex Meier holds the hand of Grabi’s widow Helga



From: U Sickenberger, R Unger, R Palmert, L Dombrowski, and E Peters

It was probably a difficult walk for Helga Grabowski.

Before the game, the widow of Eintracht legend Jürgen Grabowski († 77) was in the curve in front of the Eintracht fans. There, where her husband also stood five years ago and was worshiped by the metal band with the cult anthem “Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee”. World champion Grabi won the cup twice with Eintracht.

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As a support like a rock at her side: “Football God” Alex Meier (40). The cult striker took her by the hand and didn’t let go.

Like David Abraham (36) and Mijat Gacinovic (28), Meier was celebrated by the fans as the 2018 cup hero.

The walk of President Peter Fischer (68) and CEO Axel Hellmann (51) before kick-off to the curve was also emotional. A kind of farewell for Fischer, because in 2024 he will retire after 23 years as President.

He totally soaked up the moment, paused for a long time and patted his heart with his right hand and looked towards the fans. Fischer: “One last curve…”

Source: Asia Times


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