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Escape or military service instead of protest: Russians refuse resistance – and thus help Putin



Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the Russian people have done only one thing: remain silent, close their eyes, cower, and deny reality.

Then Putin also ordered partial mobilization. And: It turns out to be a nationwide conscription, often associated with coercion. The independent portal “Meduza” speaks of 1.2 million men who should go into the army.

But even now the Russians don’t complain.

Revolt? Millions across the country are taking to the streets? Women so their partners and children don’t die for Putin? Men to avoid being dead and crippled?

Not at all! Pure wishful thinking.

Previously silent – now they are fleeing the country. All plane tickets for trips to the former Soviet republics in the Caucasus and Central Asia were sold out as soon as the mobilization was announced. There were long traffic jams at the borders. Men came to crossing points on bicycles and even on scooters.

► Albina (47) from Saint-Petersburg is in despair: “Can someone explain to me why grown men get on the buses without a riot and go to war? If out of conviction – then I can still understand it. But what if they don’t want to kill and die? Why are they driving and not resisting?”

There were only isolated protests in large cities. However, they were quickly smothered. Putin has a large army of security guards at his disposal – who serve him faithfully.

People demonstrated in St. Petersburg, for example. But the individual protests were nipped in the bud

Photo: Uncredited/dpa

In Moscow, some disturbing images could be seen: numerous police officers bludgeoned a few students on the street. From the windows of the surrounding restaurants, they filmed the visitors and even took selfies with terrible scenes in the background.

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Sergej (60) from Moscow is also resigned: “There are hundreds of thousands of men who are fleeing. Only a few thousand are taking to the streets to protest.”

► Georgij (52) from Voronezh tells BILD: “The security forces are as numerous as several armies in Ukraine. Maybe over two million people. There is enough coal for them.”

The Kremlin is certain: the mobilization will not fail. You distribute convocations at the universities and hospitals, pick up people from the factories. First to military exercises, then to war.

More than 1300 arrests in Russia Rebellion against partial mobilization


Source: AP


Some go to the conscription, contaminated by propaganda, to finally rid Ukraine of “Nazi vermin”.

Felix (43) from Novosibirsk, who now lives in Berlin, tells BILD: “It’s very sad, but it seems that the men go to war because they believe in this crazy regime. As always in Russia, without a global catastrophe, the people will not understand anything. It unconditionally believes Putin’s propaganda.”

► Ivan (33) from Vologda says: “My uncle lost his job. However, that hasn’t diminished his support for ‘Special Operations’. Now he goes happily to the front.”

Patriotic declarations of “real men” who absolutely must have “military experience” are circulating on social networks and independent media. Like their grandfathers and fathers who “defended the country” in World War II, in Afghanistan and during the Chechen wars.

“Unfortunately there is only passive protest and docility”

However, many go to war against their will. Milena (42) writes on Facebook: “My husband is 45. He was always busy with his job and his family. No politics! Now he’s got the draft! I’m in a panic Who will take care of us?”


Nevertheless, one thing prevails in Putin’s empire: silence. Pensioner Nina tells BILD: “Unfortunately, there is only passive protest and docility.”

► Alexandr (55) explains everything by getting used to the oppression for a long time: “One has weaned oneself from the feeling of freedom.”

The lack of protests can be partly explained by the desolate situation in the provincial regions. Many men voluntarily went to war right after February 24, simply to earn money. Even now there is hope for good pay. The financial situation is getting worse and worse.

Russian men flee, as here, including across the Finnish-Russian border (here in Vaalimaa)

Russian men flee, as here, including across the Finnish-Russian border (here in Vaalimaa)


Even the opposition hardly speaks of protests

► Ariadna (39) from Moscow says that people save themselves abroad. They don’t care about Russia. “There are few rallies. The people are not really willing to resist the mobilization. Already in February there were no overturned police cars, no stones flew. Not now either.”

“Even from the opposition, you only hear calls to leave the country,” she tells BILD. “No talk of protests”. In fact, the independent media from abroad only publish tips on how to avoid conscription.


► Dmitrij (26) from Kursk says: “There are no leaders. The Kremlin cleaned up the area in time. Most of them fled abroad on their humanitarian visas anyway.”

Several hundred Russian members of the opposition are now also living in Germany. Claudia Roth approved EUR 3.5 million from the budget for her accommodation.

The call by the German organization “Pro Asyl” to the EU states was widely disseminated in the Kremlin-critical media from abroad. Entry should be made easier for Russian men who do not want to go to war. The Berlin movement “Free Russia” published tips on its Telegram channel about the emigration of war objectors to Germany.

“Russians are waiting for the Ukrainians to do everything for them”

On the Russian Internet, German websites and blogs are particularly popular, listing various ways of coming to Germany from Russia. The Russian-speaking groups critical of the Kremlin are already busy verifying that critics of the regime receive humanitarian visas. The wave of war resisters will follow.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann has already promised that he wants to take in everyone who is against Putin and doesn’t want to go to war. It must be a few hundred thousand.

► Dmitrij (37) says BILD: “What good things have people seen about this country? They only consider it a place of residence. If it’s no longer comfortable, change it. The West should do its duty and help the people.”

The idea of ​​the West’s “obligation” is widespread in the Russian opposition. Most Kremlin critics are afraid to accuse Russians of apathy and indifference.

Because of fleeing men: Miles of traffic jams form on the Georgian-Russian border

Because of fleeing men: Miles of traffic jams form on the Georgian-Russian border

Photo: /AP

Albina notes resignedly: “Many people think that someone should solve their problems, for example the West. Then they come back when it calms down. You don’t want to take responsibility yourself. You’re not used to it. Some, like sheep, get on the buses. The other sheep are leaving.”

Jana is pessimistic: “The Russians are waiting until the Ukrainians do everything for them. They themselves are only capable of passive whining.”

But there is also another category: Putin’s loyal supporters.

Natalia observes: “Those who used to support the war still do so, regardless of their financial condition and mobilization. In the thin ranks of the rest of the population – uneasiness and depression.”

Source: Asia Times


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