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Ex-Apple employee reveals seven game-changing iPhone hacks nobody is using



A former Apple employee has revealed some of the top lesser-known iPhone hacks every user should know.

In a TikTok video seen by more than 14 million viewers, Tyler Morgan, a former sales rep at Apple, revealed seven key hacks that most users were unaware of.

There were several surprising hacks included in the video, including shaking the phone to undo typing, adding commentary to screen recordings, and using the search bar as a calculator, all of which will become major time savers.

Morgan has gained a huge social media following by sharing insights into his time at Apple and giving advice to customers.

Tyler Morgan posts hacks for iPhone consumers on his TikTok platform @hitomidocameraroll

He has previously warned followers that official Apple accessories are not worth buying, where to buy cheaper Apple accessories, how to fix their devices, and iPhone feature hacks.

His goal now is to share what he’s learned from his time working at Apple and to give his followers a reason to come back for more content.


‘These are more tips I thought everyone knew.’

Below are his seven under-the-radar hacks: 

Tap to snap, hold to record!

It isn’t necessary to scroll to the video feature on an iPhone camera, Morgan said.

Instead, users can simply hold down the button that would normally be used to take a picture, but the feature has another hidden option.

As with TikTok or Snapchat, while holding down the record button, users can slide their fingers up or down the phone’s screen to zoom in on the picture.

Although this feature will save only a few seconds, it could be the difference between catching a child’s first steps or switching to record just in time for the child to lose their balance and fall.


Where speed is essential, you’ll be glad to know this hack.

iPhone users can access the one-handed keyboard from the globe tool on the bottom righthand side of the keyboard

iPhone users can access the one-handed keyboard from the globe tool on the bottom righthand side of the keyboard

One-handed keyboard makes texting a breeze

If you’re multitasking and only have one free hand to text a response to a message, the one-handed keyboard feature might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Morgan shows that by holding down the globe button on the bottom left of the keyboard, a prompt will pop up showing an emoji button or language options.

But, it’s the three options at the very bottom that will allow the user to switch the keyboard to the left, right, or move it back to center for easy one-handed typing.

‘Then it becomes a little smaller and a little easier to type on,’ Morgan said.

Morgan explains that you can add commentary to screen recordings by using the haptic touch on the screen record app to access the microphone tool.

Morgan explains that you can add commentary to screen recordings by using the haptic touch on the screen record app to access the microphone tool.

Become a commentator… 


Morgan shows by swiping down on the top of your iPhone screen, you will see the screen recording button.

It is as simple as holding down the button and a screen will pop up with a microphone at the bottom.

Select the microphone and now it will record your voice while also recording your screen.

Haptic touch for faster app adjustments

The control screen is the basic function center of your iPhone, and by using the haptic touch option, users can quickly change app features without having to go into settings.

Morgan explains by holding down each of the buttons in turn, users can set a timer, adjust the brightness of their flashlight, choose to take a selfie or record a video, and more quickly connect to different Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks.

‘Pretty much eliminates your need to go into the settings menu at all,’ Morgan says.


Using the search bar as a calculator

Solving a mathematical problem has never been easier now that Morgan revealed the little-known feature that allows users to solve an equation using the search bar.

Users can locate the search bar on their phone by swiping down after unlocking the screen. 

The search bar will mirror the appearance of typing into a search app, like Google, and users can then use this feature to calculate simple or complex math problems.

For example, Morgan shows if you type 8*5 into the search bar, it will automatically tell you the answer at the top of the screen.

Highlight Multiple Messages at Once

Using two fingers, you can highlight and select several messages by swiping up the column.


Morgan clarifies that this feature only works on Apple apps such as in messages or emails.

In many cases, it can be a pain if you’re trying to delete several messages at once; maybe you received 10 spam texts that day and just want them gone.

Instead of selecting and deleting one at a time, this feature gives the option to select all relevant messages to delete at once.

Undo typing

This feature is the iPhone’s version of using ctrl+Z on a computer.

‘If you ever deleted something by accident, you can always just shake your phone and it’ll give you the option to undo it,’ Morgan said, showing how to shake the phone to bring up an ‘Undo Typing’ prompt.

He concluded by saying all the settings are on default, but users may just have to add some of them to their control screens.


Source: Daily Mail

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