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Expert Says Kate Middleton Will Ditch Her Favorite Accessory Because It’s ‘No Longer Appropriate’ to Wear as Future Queen



Prince William‘s wife the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Kate Middleton) rarely gets it wrong when it comes to fashion and has become a style icon. But there’s one accessory she loves that an expert believes she will stop wearing because it’s “not appropriate” for her future role as queen consort.

Here’s which accessory we might never see the princess wear again.

Kate is a fan of Jane Taylor accessories

The princess is a big fan of Jane Taylor headbands. She’s been seen wearing the padded headbands to several royal events including christenings, weddings, and church services. 

Kate’s headband collection is estimated to be worth £10,000 ($12,500 USD). One of her most expensive pieces in the collection is the Diamond Crepe Pleated Band. It costs £975 ($1230 USD) and she first wore it back in 2019 for an Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel.

Kate Middleton wearing a headband and green outfit as she arrives at Government Buildings to meet Ireland's Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Stylist believes the princess will quit wearing them now

Royal and style expert Miranda Holder pointed out that over the years the headbands have become one of Kate’s favorite accessories and she would often opt for the “fun” complement instead of the “more formal hat.” But Holder thinks the princess is ready to ditch the accessory for a more “appropriate” style.

As the expert told Express, “This is something that will likely be seen at King Charles’s Coronation on May 6, when Kate will probably wear a sophisticated and elegant look and ditch one of her go-to accessories: the headband.”

Holder said that this is because “the more flirtatious fancier accessories such as hatbands” are not as royal-appropriate as the “more imposing hats.”


The fashion expert noted that Kate has already been moving in the direction away from the headbands and pointed out that since becoming Princess of Wales after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Kate hasn’t been seen wearing a headband. Holder believes the accessory has “no place in Kate’s wardrobe” anymore. She added: “Therefore, Kate will likely stick to a stylish hat for King Charles’s Coronation while donning a more classic and elegant look, which will suit both her lovely figure and her future role as queen.”

Side profile of Kate Middleton at the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration

Another stylist says Kate has also started dressing for her future role as queen consort

Royal fans have seen Kate’s fashion choices evolve over the years and there’s been so much focus on that because she has begun dressing for her future role as queen consort.

“Kate Middleton’s style has undergone an evolution over the years since she first entered the spotlight as Prince William’s college girlfriend,” celebrity stylist Lalla Bronshtein said via Express. “In preparing for her role as queen, I think her personal style has developed; she’s choosing more fashion-forward looks and becoming more experimental while consciously still dressing as becoming of a future queen.”

Source: Cheat Sheet

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