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HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. — A mysterious phenomenon on the Hudson River was caught on video. Now, the state is trying to determine the source of bizarre bubbles along the shoreline in Rockland County.

A river expert said he’s never seen anything like it, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported Monday. 

A rainy mist settled on the Hudson, and so did a mystery.   

“Ehhh, I don’t know. It seems like, could be a freak of nature, you know,” said Dean Hudson, from Garnerville. 

Hudson often walks the parks along the river that shares his last name. He said he’s never seen anything like what was captured on video. 

The video shows weird bubbles coming up through the riverbed from under the shallow water. Wildlife photographer Owen Cramsie shot it last week near Bowline Point Park. 


Cramsie shared the video with the environmental group Riverkeeper. 

“I see vigorous bubbling along the shoreline. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I’ve been around the water my whole life,” said John Lipscomb, Riverkeeper’s expert on the Hudson. 

Lipscomb checked with scientists, who shared his curiosity. They believe it could be a natural phenomenon, or air or another gas escaping from a forgotten buried pipe. 

The video was taken on property adjacent to the Bowline Plant, which burns natural gas to generate power.

Riverkeeper says state regulators are diligently investigating the cause of the watery weirdness. 

“At this point, we don’t know that it’s anything more than just air. It’s really just a mystery to be solved. It’s not a problem for the environment. But it is important to know what it is,” Lipscomb said. 

The state could order remediation if it is an environmental concern. 


For now, the Hudson keeps rolling along with the answer to the mystery somewhere down there. 

Source: CBS

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