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False certificates? Doctor of vaccination critics in court



Stralsund (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania) – At the end of his long professional life, he is even threatened with jail. dr medical Joachim B. (75), specialist in general medicine in the Baltic Sea resort of Dierhagen, must appear before the Stralsund district court on February 21. He is accused of repeatedly “issuing incorrect health certificates” during the Corona period.

“He is said to have written incorrect certificates for mask exemption and vaccination intolerance to patients,” says senior public prosecutor Martin Cloppenburg. 32 cases are charged. Relevant documents were secured during a search of his practice.

The recipients of the certificates were people who were critical of vaccinations and who needed proof for their employer during the lockdown period in order to be able to do their job. The certificates were also used to send children to day care centers and schools. Company bosses and school administrators who distrusted these medical certificates reported their suspicions to the authorities. This started the investigation into Dr. Joachim B. The first consequence of this: The doctor was banned from practicing his profession by court order in April 2022.

During the lockdown, the unvaccinated and those who refused to wear masks were excluded from public life

Photo: Stefan Sauer/dpa

The recalcitrant doctor considers the allegations to be unjustified. He explains in a long personal statement on the Internet: “I issue medical certificates that are justified. They are based on facts. I have only the well-being of the patient to consider, to the best of my knowledge and belief.”


He justifies the fact that he advised against the corona vaccination at an early stage with an official publication in the German Medical Journal of July 13, 2009. There the Drug Commission had reported that vaccinations activate the incurable nervous disease multiple sclerosis (MS) due to a misguided immune reaction and can trigger flare-ups. for dr B. alone this warning represented an incalculable risk of endangering patients and justified his actions.

The doctor from Dierhagen saw the mRNA vaccination as a risk to his patients

The doctor from Dierhagen saw a potential risk to his patients in the mRNA vaccination

Photo: EG

The fact that the process is only now taking place – a good year after the indictment – could be an advantage for the doctor, who is well respected and popular in the Baltic Sea resort.

The effectiveness of the mRNA vaccine is questionable. Figures and studies are published almost every week that prove that the extent of the initially disputed vaccination damage is significantly higher than could have been assumed. The consequences of permanently wearing masks, especially in children, are also discussed controversially. The first politicians are already calling for committees of inquiry to work through the sometimes completely exaggerated corona measures (including school closures).

Consequently, the district court of Stralsund will hardly be able to avoid including this current state of knowledge in the legal assessment.

In this context, senior public prosecutor Cloppenburg objects that the main prosecution was in cases in which Dr. Joachim B. is said to have issued the aforementioned certificates without even having seen or examined the patients. And that is punishable.

On the other hand, there is also the fact that the Federal Ministry of Health expressly allowed doctors during the high infection phase to be able to issue sickness certificates over the phone, among other things.


The doctor from Dierhagen faces a sentence of up to two years in prison if convicted. According to the public prosecutor’s office, “the large number of disputed health certificates and the stubbornness with which he issued them” should have an aggravating effect.

As here in Rostock, tens of thousands across the country demonstrated against compulsory vaccination and compulsory masks

As here in Rostock, tens of thousands across the country demonstrated against compulsory vaccination and compulsory masks

Photo: Bernd Wüstneck/dpa

Critics of the mRNA vaccination and the corona coercive measures are meanwhile showing solidarity on the Internet with the Dr. B.. Tenor of the comments: In the phase of the highest pressure and the scaremongering, he did not allow himself to be intimidated as a doctor and saved many people from damage to their health. Together with friends and sympathizers of the doctor, they have called for a silent protest in front of the district court for the first day of the hearing.

P.S. Dr. Joachim B. did not want to comment on BILD.

Source: Asia Times


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