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Family accuses Delta of negligence after drunk passenger allegedly groped mom and her teen daughter on a 9-hour flight



A federal lawsuit was filed against Delta Air Lines last week accusing flight attendants of failing to intervene after a male passenger was allegedly served at least 10 alcoholic drinks and then groped a mother and her 16-year-old daughter, according to the filing.

The plaintiff in the suit, filed in the Eastern District of New York on Tuesday, is only identified as the parent of the teenager. According to the filing, the girl and her mother were traveling to Athens, Greece, from New York City on a nearly nine-hour flight last year when the incident allegedly occurred.

A woman who was assigned the seat next to the teen, who was in the middle, switched with an unidentified man in order to sit next to her husband, the suit said. The family is referred to by initials throughout the lawsuit, with “N.A.” referencing the girl while her mother is identified by “A.A.”

Before the plane even departed, the man allegedly asked the flight attendant for a “vodka on the rocks.”

“Over the first three hours of the flight, the Delta flight attendants served the intoxicated Delta passenger approximately ten vodka on ice drinks,” the suit said.

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Source: NBC New York

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