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Family of suspect in Queens fatal stabbings say he suffered from mental health issues



Family: Suspect in multiple fatal stabbings in Queens suffered from mental health issues


Family: Suspect in multiple fatal stabbings in Queens suffered from mental health issues


NEW YORK — CBS New York has learned more about the suspect in Sunday morning multiple-fatal stabbing in Far Rockaway, Queens. His family members in the Bronx said he battled mental health issues.

Courtney Gordon’s mother and sister said he had been mentally unstable and depressed and they tried to get help for the 38-year-old for years, but were unsuccessful.

They shared a picture of Gordon in better days. They said they are baffled as to why he attacked his family in Queens.

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Gordon’s mother said he was living in a homeless shelter and just recently went to live with his aunt in Queens, adding he was a good son, but his mental instability was difficult to deal with and she said he could have harmed her as well.

“I don’t know what wrong, but something is wrong, because if anything wasn’t wrong, he wouldn’t have done something like this,” the mother said. “So I know something is wrong.”

“I tried to seek help for him,” the sister added. “No one would listen to me. I tried. I tried my very best to help him. It’s just sad, sad that it happened.”

Gordon’s mother said she spoke to her son just Saturday.

“He just said, ‘Mama, I love you,’ I said, ‘I love you too son.’ He texted me and told me how much he loved me,” the mother said.

Police said Gordon had a criminal past.

“He has one prior arrest, and that was for a strangulation domestic violence incident that took place in the Bronx,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joe Kinney said.


Police said Gordon had no prior criminal history connected to the Queens home. What caused him to behave so violently there is being investigated.

Source: CBS


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