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FC Bayern – BVB: Serge Gnabry no longer looks like this! Tuchel dream start



Made extra fresh for the new coach?

Everyone expected an exciting one Bundesliga summit. In the end it became one Bavaria power demonstration. The Tuchel team defeated the BVB 4:2 and regains the lead in the table.

One of the many eye-catchers: a new look by Serge Gnabry (27).

New Gnabry look for Tuchel

In the past, the DFB star has repeatedly surprised with new hairstyles. For the 2022 World Cup, he presented himself with a braided hairstyle. After that, his dreadlocks were a real eye-catcher.

Now (almost) everything is off. At the BVB spectacle, Gnabry was seen with a cool short hairstyle. Symbolic of a restart under new coach Tuchel?


Gnabry had to settle for the Bundesliga cracker with the bank. Recently, he was not convincing, after a top preliminary round (10 goals) scored only once since the World Cup break. Sané and Müller were allowed to play right from the start.

Crazy Bundesliga summit Kobel-Bock and Bayern party

When the score was 4-0, Gnabry came on and four minutes later he conceded a penalty by fouling Bellingham. Can (72′) and Malen (90′) scored the Dortmund consolation goal.

This is definitely not how Gnabry imagined his Tuchel debut with the new hairstyle.

Mega blunder by Kobel heralds Bayern victory

BVB initially kept the game open, de Ligt blocked a big Reus chance at the last moment (7th).

Then this: Dortmund goalkeeper Kobel comes out of his own half after a long ball from Upamecano, wants to hit the ball – but misses (13′).

A Müller brace and Coman’s goal finally made the Tuchel debut perfect.


It remains exciting whether Gnabry can shine with the new look under Tuchel in the future…

Source: Asia Times

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