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FC Bayern: Tapalovic successor: This is how Nagelsmann’s new computer works



Julian Nagelsmann (35) has a new computer!

Since Wednesday, Michaelrechner (42) has been the new goalkeeper coach at Bayern, succeeding the fired new buddy Toni Tapalovic (42).

The newcomer from Hoffenheim was introduced to the team during training in the morning and then led his first goalkeeper training session with the Bayern keeper.

How does a computer tick? BILD introduces him.

Calculator is considered a close Nagelsmann confidant, they know each other from Hoffenheim times. He has worked there since 2008, has developed goalkeepers such as Kobel, Schwäbe and Baumann, so he enjoys a great reputation in the industry. However: Despite being close to Nagelsmann, his future in Munich is not tied to Nagelsmann.

Computer is considered a calm and balanced guy, has two daughters with his wife Ellen. She is also an employee of his goalkeeping software “Goalkeeping Development”, where she takes care of finance, marketing and sales.


Calculator (right) with Hoffenheim goalkeeper Baumann

Photo: nordphoto GmbH / Bratic

Since he is very attached to his homeland, he didn’t want to go to Leipzig with Nagelsmann, even then the head coach wanted to take him with him. But he doesn’t want to let Bayern’s chance slip away.

Since October 2021 he has been the goalkeeper coach for the Turkish national team under Stefan Kuntz, where he has a kind of “gentlemen’s agreement” that he always continues from international break to international break. He’s almost certainly going to quit the job now.

Is THIS reason behind everything? Explosive assumption about the new Zoff in Bavaria!

Bayern also chose him because they see him as conceptually strong when it comes to young talent, youth training, loan player support – things that Tapalovic didn’t implement so much…

Alexander Rosen (43), manager at the former computer club Hoffenheim, regrets the departure: “Michael was a constant at our club for over a decade and a half. He shaped generations of goalkeepers through his work in the U19, U23 and senior teams. His expertise, creativity and dedication have made him one of the most renowned experts in his field. He is a do-gooder.”


Source: Asia Times

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