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FC Bayern: Thomas Tuchel absolutely wants to get HIM



Thomas Tuchel (49) is very concerned about this personality for the start of training on Tuesday!

According to BILD information, that was Bayern coach after his presentation in Munich on Saturday in London to do private things.

Hot question! Is it also about the jobs of Kahn and Brazzo

Did Tuchel also make everything clear with assistant coach Anthony Barry (36) from Chelsea?

In 2021 they won the Champions League title together. They sat on the bench at the London club for a total of 99 games. Now the coach definitely wants to bring him to Munich.


Tuchel is fighting for his “Tony” Barry!

PICTURE white: Barry has already deposited his change request in the club. FC Bayern has already asked. Chelsea, however, want a compensation payment. The negotiations are ongoing.

At his presentation, Tuchel said: “We hope that we will get Anthony, who is currently still under contract with Chelsea. We fight for it! And we’re confident because it’s my absolute wish. We will start with the three assistants next week.”

According to the English “The Telegraph”, the bold statements should not have been well received by Chelsea. Coach Graham Potter (47) wanted to keep his co.

Why does Tuchel really want his Tony?

The Englishman (previously with Wigan Athletic) is considered an absolute expert, having worked for the national teams of Ireland and Belgium, among others.

In addition to his Chelsea job, Barry is also the assistant coach to Portugal’s new coach Roberto Martinez. On Sunday evening he won 6-0 in Luxembourg with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (38).


Berry already knows a Bayern star from his part-time job in Portugal: right-back João (28/on loan from Manchester City).

Definitely in the coaching team: Arno Michels and Zsolt Löw, who have been with Tuchel for over ten years. Nagelsmann’s new goalkeeper trainer Michaelrechner (42/arrived from Hoffenheim in February) is staying. All that’s missing is Tuchel’s Tony.

Source: Asia Times

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